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It's true: Gmail can now reply to emails for you

Google adds Smart Reply to Gmail.

Smart Reply is now available in Gmail and Allo for iOS and Android.

Today Google announced a brand-new feature for Gmail called Smart Reply. It's basically like predictive typing for email and message replies.

Smart Reply works pretty straightforwardly. It uses Google machine learning to suggest three responses to the emails and messages you receive. You can ignore them, or you can pick one and then hit send, or you can add additional text if you like. The more you use Smart Reply, the better the suggestions you'll get.

Inbox by Gmail and Allo have had Smart Reply for a while. Google cites that 12 percent of replies sent from Inbox for mobile came from Smart Reply.

Both Android and iOS app versions of Gmail feature Smart Reply. It currently works in English, but support for Spanish will be added in the coming weeks.

For more about Smart Reply check out Google's Blog.

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