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Gmail adds dark mode on Android 10, so you won't get blinded by email

Some Android 10 users are already enjoying the Gmail app's new feature.

James Martin/CNET

Sensitive eyes, rejoice: Google is rolling out dark mode for its Gmail app on Android, a week after the launch of Android 10 on Google Pixel phones

Android 10 features a dark mode color scheme option, letting users turn their white screens to black, and black text to white, making screens easier on their eyes and battery. Google teased the dark-themed Gmail app along with others on the Android website when Android 10 launched Sept. 3. But Reddit users were among the first to note that the app had been changed via a server-side update, XDADevelopers reported

To access the Gmail app's dark mode, Google Pixel users with Android 10 should download the latest version of Gmail on their device. Then, they can go to general settings, select the "theme" option, and chose between light, dark and a system default option. The dark option will turn the background of the Gmail app dark gray, along with all the inbox folders and most emails, XDADevelopers noted. If you don't see the theme option yet, you may need to wait for the server-side change to hit your device.

Android 10 will make its way to other Android phones besides the Google Pixel later this year. For more, check out Android 10: 8 of the best features and how to use them