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Gigabyte Technology fixes iPhone sync problem

Some iPhone users are experiencing a sync glitch with PCs that use a new Intel P55 chipset and Windows 7 64-bit. Now one solution helps some of these users.

Last week, we received comments from Intel regarding an iPhone sync glitch with certain PCs that use a new Intel P55 chipset and Windows 7 64-bit.

On Friday, motherboard manufacturer Gigabyte Technology, a popular motherboard maker for PC hobbyists, issued a BIOS update that resolves the problem for some of these users who haven't been able to sync their iPhones. The BIOS, listed as a beta version, promises to resolve iPhone sync issues and includes additional bug fixes and enhancements.

This fix will help you only if you're using a computer you've built yourself or purchased with one of Gigabyte's motherboards inside. If that isn't you, you'll have to wait for a fix from either Intel, Apple, or your motherboard manufacturer. If you don't feel like waiting, you might try a number of possible solutions offered on Apple's Discussions forum.