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Get the new HTC U11 phone for $50 off

HTC’s U11 has squeezable sides, is fast as hell and now costs just under $600.

It wants you to squeeze it...


Starting today, you can get the new HTC U11 phone for $50 less than its full retail price, bringing it down to $599. To take part of this deal, head to HTC's online store and use the coupon code AMAZINGU11 when purchasing the phone. HTC confirmed that the offer ends July 31, so you have until the end of the month.

In the last few years, Taiwanese phone maker HTC has struggled to remain competitive against Samsung, Apple and even LG. With its new U11 phone however the company aims to revitalize interest in its brand. The device is unique in that it has squeezable sides that can be customized for different functions, like opening the camera app, turning on the flashlight and snapping a pic (just look at that GIF).

The feature doesn't sound like a big deal on paper -- and it's really the speed of the phone that impressed us the most in our review -- but it's actually pretty useful when trying to take photos one-handed. For more information on the phone, including specs, check out CNET's HTC U11 review.