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Get a set of Soundpeats Bluetooth sport earbuds for $19.99

Normally $29.99, these stylish, rechargeable behind-the-neck 'buds will probably run longer than you will. Plus: two bonus deals!


When the weather is juuuust right (you know, between 62 and 68 degrees), I'll throw on the old running shoes and log a few miles. But, man, do I get bored -- which is why listening to music or, better, a podcast is essential.

Ah, but finding the right earphones can be a challenge. You don't want a cord flopping around, so Bluetooth is a must. So is a solid fit, as any impact-heavy sport (like running) tends to make 'buds pop out.

You also don't want to spend big bucks, am I right? Good news: you don't have to. For a limited time, you can get the Soundpeats Qy7 Bluetooth earbuds for $19.99 when you apply coupon code QY715625 at checkout. That's for the black/yellow version. Shipping is free for Amazon Prime subscribers, otherwise you can pad your cart to at least $35 (two pair, anyone?) to get the same.

Although these are wireless earbuds, they're not fully wireless, if you get my meaning. The two 'buds are linked via a cord that goes behind the back, which is nice if you want to pop them out and let them dangle.

Once paired with your phone, you can not only listen to music and whatnot, but also take calls: "I'm [HUFF] running [HUFF] right now. [HUFF] Call you [HUFF] later!"

The right 'bud has a small set of buttons used to adjust volume, skip tracks, play/pause audio and answer/end calls. You also get a carrying case, charging cable and three sets each of the "ear rubbers" (snicker) and ear hooks. The latter are designed to snug up into your ear just outside the canal, the idea being to keep the 'buds themselves from popping loose.

You'll probably want to experiment with the different sizes to find the best fit, and you should also check out some of the user-supplied images to see where those hooks are meant to, well, hook.

This is obviously a very popular product, with a whopping 4,500-plus user reviews -- and an average rating of 3.9 stars. Given the low price point, it's not surprising that some buyers ended up with a defective units. But Soundpeats offers a 45-day return policy and 18-month warranty -- better than you'd expect given the aforementioned price point.

One important note: most Bluetooth earbuds I've tried have trouble working outdoors unless your phone is strapped to your arm. If it's in your pocket or near your waist, the audio may cut out. It's the nature of Bluetooth, alas. I wasn't able to find any reviews that indicate whether the Qy7s have this same issue, but I'm guessing they do. YMMV.

Of course, just because they're "sport" earbuds doesn't mean you can't use them around the house, at the office, etc. And for $20 out the door, what's not to like?

Bonus deal: Amazon is once again giving away a nice bundle of apps for Fire and Kindle Fire tablets (though you can also install them on just about any Android device). Although the total value isn't as high as in past giveaways, there are some worthwhile gets here, including The Bard's Tale, Quell Memento and Monument Valley (which isn't listed on the same page but is definitely free at the moment).

Bonus deal No. 2: Looking for a health-and-fitness makeover? A personal trainer would be ideal, but not everyone can afford one. That's why many folks turn to DIY options like Insanity and P90X -- but even those can be pricey. (A "base kit" might run you as much as $150.) If you're really looking to shoestring your way to a better body, try this: StackSocial has the Bodies by TJ 40-day Transformation System for $59.99. Regular price: $99.99. The program consists of training videos (which you view on a PC or mobile device), meal and exercise plans, nutrition info and more. Upon purchase, you get immediate access to the site.

Contest: Speaking of health, don't forget: You still have time to enter for your chance to win a Bellabeat Leaf health tracker! In fact, you have until tomorrow, so hurry up and get your entry in. All you have to do is leave a comment (there, not here). How simple is that?