Hey, I'll give you $350 for your iPhone X, too

All this could be yours.

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Patrick Holland
Sean Hollister
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Yes, it's real money. Sean went to the bank and everything.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Samsung wants to give you $350 off its new Galaxy S9. Sound good? All you've gotta do is trade in your iPhone X ! (Or a Galaxy S8 , but let's focus on one phone at a time.)

This might be a good time to mention that a brand new iPhone X, which came out less than four months ago, costs $999. 

Here's an idea: I'll give you $350 for your $1,000 iPhone X right now, no Galaxy S9 necessary! You can spend it on any phone you like. 

I'll even give you cash. Unlike, say, Verizon, which only offers a $14.58 bill credit each month for the next two years. 

(Sprint is also promoting this $350 trade-in deal, and  T-Mobile is ready to offer you even more: Up to $360! Plus, AT&T uses the words "minimum of $350" in its press release -- so maybe you could get a little more there.)

Let's not dwell on the fact that Verizon's own trade-in website will offer you a $530 gift card for the phone, or that you could probably sell it on eBay for $800 easy.


Verizon's trade-in website offered us a $530 gift card to trade-in a 64GB Verizon iPhone X. The trade-in promo for the S9 only gives you $350 for the same phone.

Patrick Holland/CNET

I'm serious: Send me an iPhone X in good working condition, and this $350 is yours. (Offer only valid for the first phone received -- Sean isn't made of money, you know.)

Does that sound ridiculous? Of course it does. So why let carriers and phone makers do it to you?

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