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Galaxy S5 metal body built by HTC One builder, report says

Samsung is reported to have engaged the services of the supplier of the HTC One's acclaimed metal body.

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Richard Trenholm
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The Samsung Galaxy S5 could be about to test the metal of the HTC One. Samsung is reported to have engaged the services of the manufacturer behind the acclaimed metal body of HTC's aluminium flagship as well as the Apple iPad mini and the MacBook Air.

EMSOne reports supplier Catcher is set to start shipping metal components to Samsung this month -- which, if true, suggests the S5's design has already been finalised.

With recent speculation that the S5 could be revealed as soon as January, does this mean we'll be seeing the new flagship phone sooner than we expected? 

These latest reports add weight to an increasing number of rumours and reports suggesting the S5 will be the first ferrous phone in the Galaxy range. The follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been the subject of metallic rumours in recent patents and leaked snaps, but whether they're to be be believed is up to you.

The S4 is a quad-core, big-screen Android powerhouse worthy of a prestigious four and a half stars in our in-depth review -- and a coveted Editors' Choice award -- but we weren't keen on the plastic back. More recently, the Galaxy Note 3 ditched the glossy plastic for a leather-effect case with faux-stitching, suggesting Samsung is moving away from plastic.

Should the S5 switch to metal, or has the S4's plastic case proved its mettle? Do you buy the leaks and hearsay or is this all just rumour? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our very metal Facebook page.