Galaxy S5 metal case possibly spied, but snaps look spurious

Images purportedly showing the metal frame of an upcoming Samsung smart phone have surfaced online, but there's plenty of reasons to be sceptical.

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Luke Westaway
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Samsung could be ditching plastic in favour of a metallic sheen for the Galaxy S4's sequel -- at least if new snaps purportedly showing the frame of an upcoming Samsung phone are to be believed.

The image above and several more appeared on French site nowhereelse.fr, a site that acquired snaps of the iPhone 5's Lightning connector ahead of launch, and gave us a clue that the iPhone 5S would come in gold.

The picture above reportedly comes from a source who claims to work for a company that Samsung has hired to build a metal case for a new Samsung phone. The large size suggests that -- if all that is true -- this could be the innards of the Galaxy S5 smart phone.

Not so fast!

There are a few elements of this purported frame which give us reason to be sceptical.

As Nowhereelse points out, the gap in the frame that would likely house the camera is positioned to one side, whereas Samsung usually slaps its snappers bang in the middle of its mobiles.

The space for a headphone jack also appears to be on the bottom of the phone, which isn't how Samsung normally does things, and the gap at the bottom for a charger doesn't look wide enough to accommodate the new USB 3.0 micro B socket that we've already seen on the Galaxy Note 3.

It should also be noted that even if this frame really does come from a company working for Samsung, that's no proof that the South Korean tech giant will opt to use it, or that it won't simply file it away for possible future use, or put it in a different mobile altogether.

Metal myth?

While you'd be wise to take these snaps with a pinch or two of salt, there are a few rumours floating around out there which suggest the Galaxy S5 will have a metal frame.

I wouldn't mind seeing a metal Galaxy smart phone myself -- but Samsung's smart phones are impressively light for their size, and I reckon it would be a shame to sacrifice this, even if it meant the company's next flagship offered a sultry metallic finish.

Are you hoping for a metal S5? What do you think of the snap above? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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