Samsung Galaxy S10 is likely to support next-gen Wi-Fi 6

Because 5G isn't the only way to power up your wireless bandwidth.

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Another puzzle piece of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10 series has dropped into place thanks to the FCC's certification database. All the S10 phones are expected to support the latest lower-power, faster and more-secure Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ax (or Wi-Fi 6).

Spotted by Droid Life, the phones are listed as A3LSMG975U, A3LSMG973U and A3LSMG970U in the database.

We're getting closer to Samsung's big Galaxy S10 series announcement, slated for its pre-Mobile World Congress Unpacked event on February 20. So it's not surprising that we're learning more about the specs for its upcoming flagship phones, which will reportedly be called the Galaxy S10, S10 E and S10 Plus. 

5G gets all the buzz as the next-generation high-bandwidth solution, but many of us still connect to Wi-Fi at home or in the office, so this is a potentially welcome development. But it means the firmware in existing access points will have to be updated to take advantage of the expanded spectrum -- if an update is even available.

Samsung declined to comment on the news.

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