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This might be the Galaxy Note 8's dual camera

The camera module has everything from 3X zoom to Super Night Mode, and it might be coming to the Note 8.

Josh Miller/CNET

Did Samsung just leak the Galaxy Note 8 camera?

The Samsung Electro-Mechanics division took to its website to give an in-depth look at its new dual-camera module. The module is intended for smartphones and tablets and could end up on the Note 8.

Samsung's Note brand is reserved for its most premium devices, but the line was thrown into turmoil when explosive batteries in the Note 7 led to two different product recalls. Since then, Samsung released the Galaxy S8 to much success, but the Note 8 is expected to be an even more advanced device. 

One way the Note 8 is rumored to one-up the S8 is by introducing a brand new dual camera. Dual-camera phones are all the rage these days, but this would be Samsung's first.

Some of the functions of Samsung's new dual-camera module.


The Samsung Electro-Mechanics page details a handful of features that the dual-camera module supports, such as:

  • Super Night Shot, which makes dark nighttime photos brighter and clearer.
  • Depth Application, for 3D depth sensing and refocusing.
  • Perspective View, which can rotate the picture 45 degrees to the left or right.
  • High Dynamic Range
  • 3X Smart Zoom

This isn't the first time Samsung hinted that a dual camera was coming to one of its phones. In March Samsung tweeted that its new Exynos 9 chip supported dual-camera processing. So we know Samsung is capable of dual-camera phones, but we also know there's no guarantee the Note 8 will have one. 

The Galaxy Note 8 will be revealed at a launch event on August 23. Be sure to come back to CNET then, when we'll have full coverage. 

Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment.