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Galaxy Fold: What you need to know about buying Samsung's foldable phone

Samsung is ready to try again with the Galaxy Fold, but it’s going to be limited.

We got a sneak peek at the redesigned Fold, and it's looking good so far! 
Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Samsung's first phone with a foldable display is ready to launch in the US. Those customers who've been patient enough to wait while Samsung fixed issues with the screen will be able to purchase the Fold starting Friday, Sept. 27. 

The Fold was originally slated to launch in April, when reviewers started experiencing issues with the screen. Some had debris under the screen, others peeled off a protective layer that wasn't meant to be removed. It was a less than ideal situation for a highly anticipated phone that costs nearly $2,000.

Samsung ultimately postponed the Fold's launch. Since then, it has been hard at work fixing the display's problems. We've now had a chance to go hands-on with the updated Galaxy Fold and discuss everything that's changed. Specifically, the hinges have new caps to prevent dust from getting under the screen, the screen protector has been extended, and the display has been reinforced. 

What will Galaxy Fold preorders be like now?

There won't be any preorders. Instead, the phone will go on sale in "select" AT&T and Best Buy stores, and Samsung Experience Store retail stores. Samsung won't sell the Fold directly from its website, but it will help you find a store that carries the Fold. If you're not near a store that has the Fold available you can order online through AT&T and Best Buy . 

If you preordered the Fold the first time and didn't cancel, you'll need to order again. Samsung is currently canceling all existing preorders and offering a $250 Samsung store credit for the hassle. It's a smart move, considering the overall cost of the phone. 

Samsung also is giving Galaxy Fold users access to a new Premier Service this time around. Samsung experts will be on call, should Fold owners have any questions or issues with the device. 

Will it still be available on T-Mobile and AT&T?

Only AT&T will carry the Galaxy Fold. If you're on another carrier, such as T-Mobile, you can still purchase and use the unlocked version of the Fold from Best Buy or one of the Samsung Experience stores. 

How much will the new Galaxy Fold cost?

The Galaxy Fold isn't cheap, and it didn't get cheaper after the delay. Samsung kept the starting Fold's price at $1,980 (about £1,500 or AU$2,800). The 5G model, where available, will cost more. 

Can I still get it in Martian green and astro blue?

Originally, there were going to be four colors of the Fold. Now, you're going to be limited to black or silver. More specifically, space silver and cosmos black. Fans of the green or blue models, well, you're out of luck.

Will I be able to get the 5G version?

Not in the US. Samsung will only offer a 5G version in South Korea, and 4G or 5G models in the UK and Germany. In the UK, the 5G model launched launch alongside the 4G version on Sept. 18. It's unclear when the 5G model will debut in Germany.