Foreo UFO wants your face to glow up and ditch the sheet mask

The first smart mask treatment is meant to turn the luxury of a face mask into an everyday experience.

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Though the device looks a little alien, UFO stands for "Ur Future Obsession."

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Foreo, the makers of the beloved and popular Luna face brush, is looking to revolutionize the face mask industry.

Today the company announced the Foreo UFO, the "first smart mask treatment." The device offers 90-second facial treatments that combine LED light therapy, thermo-therapy and T-Sonic pulsations.

It's used in conjunction with specific UFO-Activated smart mask treatments. At the time of launch there are two available, one for night and one for day, and the UFO has two specific pre-programmed settings for each.

The day mask features hyaluronic acid and red algae for hydration, and the routine consists of thirty seconds of thermo-therapy and red LED light to open up the pores, followed by thirty seconds of T-Sonic pulsations that help absorb the mask's essence. The last thirty seconds give a green LED treatment and lower frequency pulsations to help even skin tone and boost radiance.


The UFO offers a day mask and a night mask.

Josh Miller/CNET

The night mask is filled with ginseng and olive oil for replenishing skin while you sleep. The routine differs slightly, ending with red LED light for enhanced blood circulation and restoring elasticity.

Foreo also made an app to work with the device to access all of the mask treatment features. Reordering masks on the app is also made easy.The masks cost $10 for 7, and new masks with other companies are expected eventually.

It charges via USB and how long full charge lasts depends on use, though two weeks is the estimate.

The Foreo UFO will sell for $279 and a smaller version, the UFO Mini, will retail for $179 (those prices convert to AU$355, £205 and AU$230, £130). For the time being, it's on Kickstarter and customers can pick one up for a little less.

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