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Firefox's ad-blocking Focus browser heads to Android

Following last year’s release on iOS, Focus is now launching on Google Play with a few added features.

Firefox' Focus browser is already available on Apple's iOS.

Firefox Focus, a mobile browser that developer Mozilla calls fast, private and simple, has entered the Android world.

On Tuesday, Mozilla said that the app, which was released for iPhone and iPad users in November, is now available on Google Play.

One of the most prominent features of the app is that it blocks ads that track a user's online activity. Those shoes you once regrettably searched for on Amazon will no longer follow you on every website you visit. Ad trackers can also slow down your mobile browsing experience.

Focus marks the latest outgrowth of our escalating concern over the safety of our personal data and the reach of advertisers. Browsers are increasingly packing in anonymous modes that don't let others on the web track your activity, and Apple and Google say they're going to block videos that autoplay.

Focus will allow users to have greater control over which information is shared with third-party companies.

The privacy of the app extends into allowing users to erase their browsing sessions with one tap.

Focus also gets rid of "visual clutter" by eliminating tabs and menus.

The browser's Android release also includes a few new features not yet available on iOS. An ad tracker counter will show you how many ads Focus has spared you. If sites aren't loading correctly, you can disable the tracker blocker. 

Lastly, if Focus is running in your phone's background, you'll get a notification reminding you to erase your browsing history in order to keep your activity private. 

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