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Fantasian part 2 and Wurdweb now available on Apple Arcade

Check out brainteaser Wurdweb and the second half of RPG Fantasian now.


Apple Arcade added the conclusion to Fantasian, the mobile RPG from Mistwalker and Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy), this week. It also added puzzle game Wurdweb from indie developers Aran Koning and Adriaan de Jongh. 

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Don't be fooled by Wurdweb's simple design and cute geometric critters. This game can be quite challenging. 


Wurdweb, a relaxing puzzle game, is reminiscent of Scrabble, but you don't have to come up with the words. Instead, you must select words from a premade list and connect them to words already on the grid. Wurdweb's gameplay requires a bit of strategy as well. Depending on where you've placed a word, it might make it impossible to place another word and it's moved to the "Words That Can't Be Placed Now" list. But the word can always come back into play and you can adjust your web with the undo feature. 

Wurdweb offers multiple gameplay modes like tangle, precise and random, as well as daily, weekly and monthly challenges. Tangle mode, for example, requires you to place 15 words and get enough of the bonus tiles. You'll know you messed up somewhere if your Placeable Words list is empty and you haven't met your quota. If you're a fan of traditional Sunday paper word puzzles, or Apple Arcade's Word Laces, Tiny Crossword or Spell Tower, you'll enjoy this brain teaser. 


Friday's Fantasian game update brings the saga to a conclusion with new dioramas, gameplay, music and more. 


In addition to Wurdweb, Apple Arcade added the stunning conclusion to mobile RPG Fantasian, one of the service's most anticipated games. Fantasian arrived in April along with a treasure trove of remastered App Store games free of ads and paywalls.  The update, scheduled for Friday morning, released a day ahead of schedule, according to a tweet from Sakaguchi.

"The release of part two of Fantasian marks the completion of the saga," Sakaguchi said in a release. "It ended up being, rather unexpectedly, about twice the volume of part one and is more quest-driven, giving players the ability to progress through the world at their own pace."

The second part of Fantasian features a more quest-driven style of gameplay, a larger character growth map, more unique boss fights and the ability to swap between party members during battle. The update adds 50 new handcrafted dioramas and 34 more tracks from composer Nobuo Uematsu. 

"I think we can safely say that we left nothing on the table," Sakaguchi said. " I encourage everyone to experience this mysterious emotional energy, which is at the very heart of Fantasian."

If you're interested in trying Apple Arcade, you can get a three-month free trial with the purchase of a new device, or one month for free if you're signing up for the first time. Open the App Store and tap the little joystick icon at the bottom of the screen to launch the service.