EE gives free portable battery chargers to all customers

The network is giving you a battery boost with a free charger you can swap for a fully charged replacement in any EE store.

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The EE Power Bar powers up your phone on the move. EE

You're out and about -- and your battery's giving out. With no charger to hand and no sockets in easy reach you'd be in trouble, but EE is giving customers a power boost with a free EE power bar.

The power bar is a small portable charger with a USB connection to juice up your phone. You charge the power bar at the wall when you charge your phone, then slip it in your pocket, handbag or sock when you leave the house to effectively carry a spare 2,600mAh battery. EE reckons each power bar gives you a full charge.

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The bar boasts charging indicator lights to show how much charge is in the power bar, and it also doubles up as a torch.

What's cool about this is that if your power bar loses power when you need it, you can pop into any EE store and swap it for a fresh one. You can swap as many times as you like.

To get your hands on the power bar, look out for the promotion to launch in the "coming weeks" and then text "POWER" to 365. You'll then receive a promotional code, which you take into any EE store to claim your charger. Texts cost 35p. Everyone on an EE contract is eligible, as well as pay as you go customers who've been on EE for more than three months.

Non-EE customers can also benefit from a battery boost by buying the charger -- for £20.

Other portable battery chargers include the Mophie Juice Pack , the Proporta Stripe TuboCharger and many others.