Mophie Juice Pack battery cases arrive for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Looking for even more battery life on your new iPhone? Mophie's come to the rescue.

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The Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Mophie

LAS VEGAS -- The iPhone 6 Plus has some very good battery life. The iPhone 6 , well, could use some help. Either way, Mophie's new Juice Pack battery cases could come in handy, as long as you're willing to put up with some bulk.

The Juice Pack Air and Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 6 add up to 100 percent and 120 percent more battery life, and add some extra shock-absorbing bumper protection. The Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus only adds a 60 percent battery boost. From the sound of it, the iPhone 6 model will be much more useful: there aren't many iPhone 6 Plus owners that are complaining tremendously about battery life.

Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus: necessary? Mophie

The design looks similar to Mophie's last generation of cases for Lightning-equipped iPhone 5 and 5S models, with front-facing speaker ports to boot, but with tweaks to accommodate the new iPhone form.

Mophie's new cases are available for preorder now, and should be shipping soon.

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