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Dark mode comes for Tumblr, Google Keep

More apps are jumping aboard the dark mode bandwagon.

The Tumblr app is getting dark mode.
Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images

Tumblr has jumped on the dark mode bandwagon, announcing that its mobile app will now support the feature. Tumblr's Color Palette allows users to choose the hue for their dashboard in both Android and iOS.

Dark mode inverts the colors of apps by putting white text on a black background, which Google has previously said reduces smartphone battery usage and means less strain on eyes. The mode has seen a surge in popularity across mobile and desktop apps, as well as websites.

On Tumblr, users can now choose between Dark Mode to "turn down the lights"; Low-Contrast Class, which has a low-contract color scheme using blue tones; and True Blue, the default Tumblr colors.

To turn on dark mode, go to your settings by clicking the lower right person-shaped button,  clicking the general settings button, and selecting Color Palette. 


Also getting dark mode this week is the web version of Google Keep, which can be activated by clicking Settings in the top bar and selecting "Enable Dark Mode" from a drop-down menu. Dark mode is off by default on Keep and has to be enabled on every device you use. 

According to Google, dark mode has been requested frequently by Keep users, and provides a better viewing experience. It will be rolled out gradually over 15 days beginning July 9.


Dark mode on Google Keep web.


Dark mode for Keep had already arrived across Android back in May, along with Google Calendar. For the mobile app, users can enable dark mode in Keep by clicking on Settings and then Enable Dark Mode.

Though app makers originally rolled out their own dark mode updates, Google announced it would be bringing the capability to its Android OS. Dark mode is also available on iPhone apps. It is also coming to web browsers including Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

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