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Clean your phone while charging it with Lexon's Oblio

Shaped like a flower vase, the pretty little Oblio performs two useful tasks at the same time.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

MWC 2019 is (mostly) about phones, so it makes sense that the show also has plenty of phone accessories. Cases, headsets and Bluetooth speakers are typical fare, but there's more to see around Barcelona. Take the Lexon Oblio, which I found at a press event the night the show opened.

Appealingly shaped like a minimalist vase, the Oblio doesn't just charge your phone, it also sanitizes the display with purple UV light. So the Oblio will work while you sleep to give you a clean and fully charged phone by morning. It uses a USB Type-C power cable and is Qi-certified. 

I just saw the white version, but you can also buy the Oblio in gold and dark blue. Creator Lexon, a French company that makes wireless chargers, speakers and external batteries, did not disclose a price.