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Bose's Excellent Frames Audio Sunglasses Are $100 Off Again

The entire Bose Frames line, including the Tempo, the best-sounding Bluetooth audio glasses available, have returned to their lowest price ever of $149.

David Carnoy Executive Editor / Reviews
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David Carnoy
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The Frames Tempo are available with a few different lens options.


Bose's entire line of Frames audio sunglasses, which includes the excellent Frames Tempo, were on sale a few weeks ago for Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale for $149, or $100 off their list price of $249. That sale price as once again returned and is available at several retailers, including Bose and Amazon as part of a pre-Black Friday sale.

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The Tempo are sports sunglasses that feature the largest speaker drivers in the company's line of second-generation Frames audio sunglasses. The Frames Tenor and Soprano make up the rest of the line, with both those models also discounted to $149 from their list prices of $249.

They're all essentially open headphones that pipe audio into your ears from directional speakers built into the glasses' frames, making them ideal for people who don't like to have anything in their ears while running or biking for safety reasons (or if you just don't like having earbuds jammed into your ears). 

If you're looking for the best-sounding pair of audio glasses with superior overall performance -- that includes call quality and battery life -- the Bose Frames Tempo are the one to get. As noted, they're ostensibly a sports model designed for runners and bikers, and while they're a little bulky, they stay on your head securely. They're also IPX4 splash-proof.

The Tempo offers slightly better sound and battery life than the more traditional-looking Tenor and Soprano (see below). The Tempo has better specs all-around, with USB-C charging and larger 22mm drivers. These Bluetooth sunglasses also deliver up to 8 hours of battery life. Bose sunglasses come with polarized lens and are prescription ready.

Their sound is definitely improved from the original Frames. Bose says the Tempo plays "deeper and louder -- loud enough for cycling at 25 mph -- while still able to hear traffic and your training partners." According to Bose, they're sweat-, weather-, scratch- and shatter-resistant, and they fit under most protective helmets. (I had no problem using them with a couple of bike helmets.) They also work decently for making calls, thanks to a new dual-microphone system (they can't block out all wind noise, however). Optional lenses are available for $39, and you can order prescription lenses through Lensabl and other online glasses companies that offer lens replacement

Whether this sale means that we'll see new Bose third-generation Bluetooth audio glasses soon, I can't tell you. But they are due for an upgrade after being released in 2020, and I hope Bose continues making new models. 

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