Belkin introduces new iPad 2 Keyboard Folio case

Add Belkin's $99.99 Keyboard Folio case to the growing list of iPad 2 cases with integrated Bluetooth keyboards. This one features hard "TruType" keys.

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The Belkin Keyboard Folio for iPad 2 retails for $99.99 and is available now (click to enlarge). Belkin

Welcome another iPad 2 Bluetooth keyboard/folio case to the world.

This one arrives courtesy of Belkin and its appropriately called the Keyboard Folio ($99.99). Unlike some models that feature rubber keys, this one has larger TruType keys for what Belkin says is "a comfortable, computer-style typing experience and complements the functionality of the iPad 2 with separate, adjustable modes for viewing and typing."

Several cases with integrated Bluetooth keyboards are available already (see roundup below), but Belkin is claiming its Keyboard Folio is ultrathin and lightweight. When we get your hands on one, we'll let you know if it's really a step ahead of the rest of the iPad 2 keyboard pack.

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