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iPad 2 case roundup (photos)

In the market for an iPad 2 case? Here's a look at many of the top iPad 2 cases out there.

David Carnoy
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David Carnoy
1 of 78 Acme Made

Acme Made Infinite Angle

The Acme Made Infinite Angle case is ultrathin and allows you to prop up your iPad at any angle (at least in landscape mode). It has the instant on/off feature built into the case like Apple's Smart Cover.

Price: $59.99

2 of 78

Acme Made Orikata

Acme Made says its slim Orikata case, available in "vegan-friendly" faux leather, "leverages complete docking and play-through functionality within its unique case design. Taking cues from the Japanese art of origami, the Orikata's folding elements reconfigure in a snap, providing a remarkably stable stand for cinema viewing or keyboard mode at optimal ergonomic angles."

Price: $49.99

3 of 78 Belkin

Belkin folio cases

Belkin has four new iPad 2 cases arriving soon: the Slim, Access, Flip, and Verve. The Verve costs $49.99, whereas the other three are $39.99.
4 of 78 Belkin
Belkin's Keyboard Folio ($99.99) is one of the best cases with an integrated keyboard. Unlike some models that feature rubber keys, this one has larger TruType keys for what Belkin says is "a comfortable, computer-style typing experience and complements the functionality of the iPad 2 with separate, adjustable modes for viewing and typing." It's also relatively thin and and lightweight.

5 of 78 Bella Cases

Bella Cases Smart Libretto

Bella Cases makes some very elegant, high-quality leather cases for the iPad 2, including its Smart Libretto case, which comes in black, brown, red, and tan. The case folds at two different angles and in stand mode is held in place by a secure snap on the back. Inside the front cover, you'll find slots for business cards. (This is a real executive-style case.)

The case also has the wake/sleep function built-in, which is why it's called "smart."

Alas, the only downside is that the Smart Libretto is pretty pricey at $119.
6 of 78 Booq

Booq Booqpad iPad Agenda

The $49.99 Booq Booqpad iPad Agenda integrates an old-school paper notebook to live alongside your iPad 2.

More recently, Booq introduced the Viper Slider that has a section at the bottom that pulls off for docking.
7 of 78 Camalen

Camalen Hexa

Camalen is a new high-end case company that features some pretty interesting iPad 2 case designs in very high-quality leather. The Hexa is a swiveling case that allows you to prop up your iPod in portrait or landscape mode.

The company also makes several other iPad 2 cases that you can check out here.

Price: $115
8 of 78 Case-mate

Case-mate Pop

The $49.99 Case-mate Pop comes in multiple colors and has a hidden stand on the back.
9 of 78 Case-mate

Case-mate Venture

The Case-mate Venture ($49.99) offers multiple viewing angles.
10 of 78 Case-mate

Case-mate Versant

The $39.99 Case-mate Versant has an adjustable kickstand.
11 of 78 Dexim

Dexim iBluek Keyboard for iPad 2

Dexim's iBluek leather cover is $99.99, and it features a removable Bluetooth keyboard that attaches to the case with magnets (a nice touch). The case folds into a stand.
12 of 78 Dodocase


The $59.99 Dodocase gives your iPad 2 a classy, art portfolio look.
13 of 78 Enki

Enki Genius case

Enki is a Detroit-based company that makes cases for a number of portable devices. Its Enki Genius iPad 2 case is a $29.99 back-only case that's designed to work with Apple's Smart Cover to provide full protection for your iPad 2.
14 of 78 Evio Concepts

Evio Harmony

The $39.99 Evio Harmony is an attractively designed case that has a whole yin-yang thing going for it.

This one's not made of real leather but it looks elegant and has a small interior kickstand built-in that prop up your iPad for typing.
15 of 78 G-Form

G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2

G-Form makes both iPad and laptop cases and made a name for itself by dropping an iPad 2 out of a plane (in its case, of course). The iPad survived.

What's interesting is the G-Form Extreme Sleeve is actually soft and flexible. G-Form says the secret is RPT-Reactive Protection Technology that's "a combination of Poron XRD material and proprietary G-Form design."

The company says its version 2 model, which looks the same as the original, has additional RPT edge and zipper protection, as well as a slightly larger interior to accommodate the iPad 2 with Smart Cover.

It also comes in black and costs $59.95.

16 of 78 Griffin

Griffin Elan Folio Slim

Griffin offers a handful of iPad 2 cases. If you want something that's very thin and reminiscent of the Apple's cover for the original iPad, the Elan Folio Slim offers similar styling and costs $29.99.
17 of 78 Griffin Technologies

Griffin Intellicase

Griffin's Intellicase looks a lot like an Apple Smart Cover with a protective back (yes, it has the automatic wake-up feature). It costs $59.99.
18 of 78 Grove

Grove iPad 2 Bamboo case

This $99.99 Grove iPad 2 Bamboo case is now available. The cover on the case--like Apple's cover--puts your iPad 2 to sleep when closed and awakens it when opened.
19 of 78 Gumdrop

Gumdrop Drop Series

Gumdrop does its best Otterbox impression with its $59.99 Drop Series. It's available in multiple colors.
20 of 78 Handstand

HandStand 2 for iPad 2

The $49.95 Handstand 2 allows you to strap your iPad 2 to your hand. It swivels 360 degrees so you can easily switch from landscape to portrait viewing.
21 of 78 Hard Candy

Hard Candy Street Skin iPad 2 case

Hard Candy has improved the design of its Street Skin 2 case, with the front cover now having a hinge to to keep it attached to the iPad 2 (previously, the front cover had to be completely detached). This one retails for $39.99 and comes in multiple colors, including white.
22 of 78 iKit

iKit Carbon

The $30 iKit Carbon has--you guessed it--a carbon fiber back.
23 of 78 iLuv

iLuv Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard Case

The iLuv Detachable Keyboard case is one several keyboard cases for the iPad 2. This one's a bit pricey at $129.
24 of 78 Incipio

Incipio Executive Premium Kickstand

Incipio's Premium Kickstand case comes in both leather and non-leather (nylon) versions. The Executive leather version retails for $59.99 while the nylon version goes for $39.99. It's available in multiple colors.
25 of 78 Incipio

Incipio Hive Honeycomb

Incipio makes a number of iPad 2 cases. The Hive Honeycomb is a silicone case with a unique texture that retails for $39.99 and comes in multiple colors. It protects the back of your iPad, not the front.
26 of 78

iSkin Aura

The stylish and well-designed iSkin Aura ($59.99) is one of our favorite Folio cases and allows you to prop up your iPad at a few different angles (it also has the wake/sleep feature). It's available in multiple colors.
27 of 78 iSkin

iSkin Solo Smart

The $49.99 Solo Smart is a clear back cover that's a companion for Apple's Smart Cover (not included).
28 of 78 iSkin

iSkin Vu for iPad 2

The $59.99 iSkin Vu has an integrated flip-out kickstand on back that allows you to prop up your iPad both vertically and horizontally. It's available in purple, aqua, and black.
29 of 78 Ion

Ion CarbonCover

The front of the Ion CarbonCover is magnetic like Apple's Smart Cover and made of leather/carbon fiber composite. Meanwhile, the back's made of straight leather. It's a nice but somewhat pricey case at $69.99.
30 of 78 JavoEdge

JavoEdge Poppy Axis Case

JavoEdge has a few different versions of its Axis Case, which we like because it has a 360-degree swiveling stand that allows you to prop up the iPad 2 both horizontally and vertically.

The Axis line also has built-in sleep/wake detection so when you open/close the cover, it'll put your iPad 2 to sleep or wake it up.

Most of the Axis cases list for around $50 and can be found online for closer to $40. The one pictured here is the Poppy Axis.
31 of 78 JavoEdge

JavoEdge Tweed Axis Case

Here's the JavoEdge Axis in its Tweed version (it also comes in a plain black version called the Editor Axis).

Price: $43
32 of 78 Joy Factory

Joy Factory SmartSuit 2

Joy Factory's $59.95 SmartSuit 2 looks very similar to Apple's Smart Cover, with a wake/sleep cover, but Joy Factory's version has a back to it. We like this style--definitely worth checking out. (It also comes in white).

Note: Though we've highlighted this case, Joy Factory also makes a few other iPad 2 cases

33 of 78 Kensington

Kensington Key Folio

Kensington is adapting its $99.99 iPad Key Folio case to the iPad 2. Click here to see the rest of Kensington's iPad 2 accessories.
34 of 78 Logitech

Logitech Keyboard Case by Zagg

This Logitech-branded version of the Zagg Keyboard Case retails for $99.99. It really makes your iPad 2 look like a laptop.
35 of 78 Marware

Marware MicroShell Foliio

Marware is making a number of iPad 2 cases. We like the MicroShell Folio, which has a smooth rubberized shell for the back and a protective lid for the display. Open the cover and your iPad 2 turns on. Close it, it goes to sleep.

This one lists for $69.99.
36 of 78 M-Edge

M-Edge Classic Jacket

M-Edge's Classic Jacket ($34.99) gives your Apple tablet a more bookish look.
37 of 78 M-Edge

M-Edge Latitude Jacket

The M-Edge Latitude ($34.99) is a full protective cover with a kickstand.
38 of 78 Miniot

Miniot Real Wood Cover

Dutch company Miniot is doing a snazzier version of Apple's similarly designed iPad 2 cover. The big difference: the Miniot cover ($69.99) is made partially out of wood. We like.
39 of 78 Otterbox

Otterbox iPad 2 Defender Series Case

Those looking for serious protection for the iPad 2 should strongly consider Otterbox's Defender Series Case, which offers multiple layers of protection and includes a clip-on screen cover that turns into a stand with two adjustable heights, one for typing and one for watching.

All this protection comes at a price. The Otterbox Defender is $89.99.
40 of 78 Amazon

Mivizu Sense

We've heard good things about the Mivizu Sense ($59.95), a leather case with similar features to Apple's leather Smart Cover (but this model has a back on it for added protection). Has the automatic wake/sleep feature when you open and close the case and comes in multiple colors. We'll have more info once we get our hands on one.
41 of 78


ModulR is really a iPad case "system." You buy a $39.99 ModulR Cover (it comes with a handstrap), then attach various accessories to the "nodes" on the back of the case. Accessories include wall mount and a headrest strap.

The system pictured here incorporates the iPad 2 Cover Stand ($29.99). As you can see, it's a hard cover that folds into a stand.
42 of 78 Orbino

Orbino Padova 2

A reader suggested we add this "custom-made" premium leather Orbino Padova 2 case to the list. It does look nice (it comes in multiple colors and styles), but costs a whopping $209. It also takes five to seven weeks to get to you once you make your order.
43 of 78 Pad & Quill

Pad & Quill Octavo for iPad 2 Case

Pad & Quill's classy Octavo for iPad 2 book-style case is made out of Italian leather and Baltic birch. The company says its new Octavo case is its thinnest ever. It comes in red, blue, and green, and costs $59.99. The optional interior pocket is available for $10 extra.
44 of 78 Philips

Philips Soft-shell

Philips is making several iPad 2 cases, including the Soft-shell, which is reminiscent of iSkin's cases and comes in multiple colors. It costs $30.
45 of 78 Philips

Philips Slim Folder

Philips says its Slim Folder offers "trilayer" protection. It costs $34.99.
46 of 78 Scosche

Scosche GlosSEE P2

This $40 rubber Scosche case is called the GlosSEE. Very catchy.
47 of 78 Philips

Philips Padded Easel

The $34.95 Philips Padded Easel case is your basic convertible stand-style folio case with a bit of added protection.
48 of 78

Qmadix Porfolio with Removable Bluetooth keyboard

This Qmadix Porfolio is similar to Dexim's iBluek case/keyboard combo but is made of faux leather. It, too, features a removable Bluetooth keyboard.

It lists for $149.99 but can be had for $140 on Amazon.
49 of 78 Quirky

Quirky Cloak 2

Quirky's Cloak 2 is thinner and lighter than the original. It features the same quirky design with an integrated, detachable stand. The Cloak 2's cover magnetically activates the iPad 2's sleep sensor like Apple's cover does. The case lists for $50 but is available for preorder at $45.
50 of 78 Rivet

Rivet Leather Portfolio

We got a review sample of the Rivet Leather Portfolio and it's a really nice case, with soft, high-quality leather. The cover folds back and allows you to prop your iPad at an angle. This one also has the automatic "smart" sleep/wake up feature.

The Rivet Leather Portfolio sells for $80.

51 of 78

Saddleback iPad 2 case

Saddleback's full-grain leather cases.
52 of 78 Scosche

Scosche foldIO P2

Scosche is making a few iPad 2 cases, including the FoldIO P2 ($44.99), which offers multiple ways to position your iPad for viewing. It also comes in white.
53 of 78 Sena

Sena Florence

Another sleek case from Sena, the Florence features high-quality leather (we're showing it in tan but it also comes in black, dark brown, and red). This one's pretty slim and features a unique tuck-in corner that keeps the cover closed. This $79.99 good-looking case is for executive types.
54 of 78 Sena

Sena Folio

Sena, known for its elegant Italian leather cases, is offering up a number of iPad 2 cases. We like the looks of the Folio, which is available for $99.99.
55 of 78 Sena

Sena Keyboard Folio Stand

We liked the integrated Bluetooth keyboard better on this Keyboard Folio Stand than some other keyboard case combos that feature flatter keys. As with all Sena cases, the leather's got a high-end look and feel to it and the case definitely exudes class. It costs $150.
56 of 78 SGP

SGP Argos for iPad 2

SGP stands for Stylish People's Good Partner. No, we're not kidding.

Weird as that name is, SGP does make some of the nicest iPad 2 cases we've seen made of high-quality soft leather. At $94.99, the Argos costs a $10 more than its sibling (see next slide), the Stehen.
57 of 78

SGP Stehen

Like SGP's other cases, the Stehen is nice but pricey at $84.95.
58 of 78

SGP Leinwand

The SGP Leinwand has a design more reminiscent of Apple's Smart Cover but the folding stand works differently. Yes, it has the integrated automatic wake/sleep feature. It costs $89.99.
59 of 78 Speck

Speck FitFolio

Speck's FitFolio is currently one of our favorite iPad 2 cases (we like it better than the PixelSkin HD Wrap--see next slide). While it doesn't have the awake/sleep function of some folio-style cases, it's relatively thin and lightweight. Comes in black, red, and gray for $39.95.
60 of 78 Speck

Speck MagFolio

An update to the FitFolio, Speck's MagFolio comes in a leather Luxe version ($99.99) and a non-leather version for $59.99. This one has the awake/sleep function, and like the FitFolio it's relatively thin and lightweight.

It's really a nice case--one of the best out there. The "Luxe" comes in black, brown, burgundy and cognac while the non-leather version is available in black, burgundy, and almond.
61 of 78 Speck

Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap

While we haven't tried out Speck's PixelSkin HD Wrap for iPad 2, it seems like an excellent alternative to Apple's Smart Cover because it protects both the front and back of your iPad 2 yet offers similar design features to the Apple case. It's priced at $49.95 and comes in multiple colors.
62 of 78 Speck

Speck CandyShell Wrap

Speck's CandyShell Wrap is similar to the PixelSkin HD but has a smooth, glossy finish. It's available in multiple colors.
Price: $54.95
63 of 78 Speck

Speck HandyShell for iPad 2

Speck's HandyShell is an interesting and versatile case, with the rotating loop acting as a kickstand (both vertically and horizontally), a handgrip, and a way to hang your iPad 2 from a hook or car headrest. The only downside is that there's no integrated protection for the screen (and no way to attach Apple's Smart Cover).

Price: $54.95
64 of 78 SwitchEasy

SwitchEasy Ribcage

The SwitchEasy Ribcage is actually a sleeve case. It's compatible with both the iPad and iPad 2 and costs around $30.
65 of 78 SwitchEasy

SwitchEasy Canvas

The Canvas is SwitchEasy's take on a folio case and it's done a nice job. While the finish isn't real leather, it does have a nice feel, and the case has the auto on/off feature.

It's available in multiple colors for $49.99.
66 of 78 SwitchEasy

SwitchEasy Cara

The SwitchEasy Cara has a striking design and comes in multiple colors. It costs $49.99.
67 of 78 SwitchEasy

SwitchEasy Trig

The SwitchEasy Trig is a stylishly padded faux-leather sleeve that converts into a stand. It costs $39.99.
68 of 78 Targus

Targus 360-degree rotating stand and case

The $59.99 Targus 360-degree rotating stand and case swivels a full 360 degrees and can be propped up in both horizontal and vertical positions. It's one of our early favorites.
69 of 78 Targus

Targus Protective Cover Stand

Targus' more basic model, the Protective Cover Stand, retails for $40.
70 of 78 Timbuk2

Timbuk2 Pop-Up

Timbuk2's upcoming Pop-Up case is kind of a hybrid sleeve/hard case, with a rigid front for added protection, and a faux fur lining on the inside. As its name implies, it's also designed to allow you to prop up your iPad--whichever model you have--and be used as a viewing stand.

This Timbuk2 retails for $39 and comes in multiple colors.

71 of 78 Amazon

Toblino 2

The $39.95 Toblino 2 is a leather folio-style case with a multiangle stand feature. This case does take advantage of the iPad 2's sleep/awaken function, a nice plus.
72 of 78 Trident Case

Trident Aegis Case for iPad 2

Trident makes some tough cases for the iPhone and it's got a couple of very protective cases for the iPad. The Aegis is less bulky than the Kraken and features a built-in kickstand. It's available in multiple colors.

Price: $39.95

73 of 78 Trident Case

Trident Kraken for ipad 2

This is Trident's answer to Otterbox's ultraprotective case for the iPad 2. Like the Otterbox, the Trident Kraken has a scratch-resistant clear screen protector that sits on top of your screen (yes, the touch screen still works fine). It's available in multiple colors.

Price: $49.95

74 of 78

Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis

Tuff-Luv has a large collection of iPad 2 cases, including the leather Tri-Axis ($69.99) shown here. Tuff-Luv also has a microfiber "stasis" version of this case that turns your iPad off when you shut the case.
75 of 78 Waterfield Designs

Waterfield iPad 2 Smartcase

We're fond of Waterfield Design cases/sleeves for the iPad, and, as expected, the San Francisco-based company is adapting them all to the iPad 2. This Waterfield Smartcase is available for both the iPad and iPad 2 for $59.99.
76 of 78 XGear

360 Shield Folio Polycarbonate Swivel Case

As its name implies, XGear's 360 Shield Folio Polycarbonate Swivel Case is made of your translucent polycarbonate plastic and has a extended kickstand to prop up your iPad 2 for typing (additional pictures on XGear's site). This one retails for $39.99.
77 of 78 XGear

360 Shield Folio Carbon Fiber Protective Swivel Case

XGear's 360 Shield Folio Carbon Fiber Protective Swivel Case may not be bulletproof but it's made completely out of carbon fiber. The downside: it costs a ridiculous $299.99.
78 of 78 XGear

XGear iPad 2 Smart Cover Enhancer Case

Another case that's designed to make up for the deficiencies of Apple's Smart Cover, the $34.95 XGear iPad 2 Smart Cover Enhancer protects the back of your iPad while Apple's case does front duty. We wish it were about $10 cheaper.

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