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Beats Powerbeats Pro image leaks, confirms CNET's earlier report

Thanks to an image leak in iOS 12.2 we now know what Beats' new truly wireless AirPods competitor will be called and what it'll look like.

The upcoming Beats Powerbeats Pro.

I got a tip last week that Beats was getting ready to launch a totally wireless version of its Powerbeats wireless sports headphones in April. Now thanks to an image that 9to5Mac dug up in the just-released iOS 12.2 update I can confirm the product is indeed coming and that the new earphones will be called Powerbeats Pro.

According to my source, the new true wireless Powerbeats will use Apple's new H1 chip and have the same always-on Siri voice-assistant as the new AirPods, as well as the other connectivity improvements that the H1 is supposed to deliver. The battery life may also be better than the AirPods. 

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What's interesting about the leaked photo is that the case doesn't appear to be too large. While it's clearly bigger than the AIrPods' case, I was concerned that it would be even bulkier due to the design of the PowerBeats. While it's unclear whether the case offers wireless charging, judging from a 360-degree animation of the case on Instagram it appears that it charges via Lightning, not Micro-USB. That would be good.     

The new Powerbeats could serve as an alternative to people who were hoping the new AirPods would include design improvements that would help keep them more securely in more people's ears, and offer features like better bass and water resistance. Those features will most likely be available in the new Powerbeats.

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As I said previously, the big question is price. The person I spoke to didn't have any details on the cost, but the list price of the Powerbeats3 Wireless is $200. You can actually pick them up for as low as $90 on Amazon and Best Buy has them on sale for $100 off, which is also a pretty good indication that something new is coming.

It wouldn't be surprising if Beats stuck a list price of $250 on the new Powerbeats, although that's too high and wouldn't end up being the real street price. In my opinion, they have to cost $200 or less to compete with the AirPods, which are priced from $159 to $199.