Aussies, here are the iPhone 8 plans from Telstra, Optus and Voda

Telstra, Optus and Vodafone have released their iPhone 8 plans: The cheapest 24-month plan will get you a new iPhone for AU$75 a month.

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It's September, and you know what that means. It's iPhone time! After Apple unveiled the devices earlier this week, Australia's carriers have announced their pricing plans for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Sorry y'all, no iPhone X pricing just yet.

Telstrais as usual the most pricey. Their offerings start at AU$89 per month and go up to an eye-watering AU$199. All of Telstra's offerings are below, with the company putting emphasis on its XXL 60GB plans, which are discounted for now. 

iPhone 8 (64GB)

iPhone 8 (256GB)

iPhone 8 Plus (64GB)

iPhone 8 Plus (256GB)

2GB data - $AU89

2GB data - AU$101

2GB data - AU$97

2GB data - $AU109

5GB data - AU$101

5GB data - AU$113

5GB data - AU$109

5GB data - AU$121

20GB data - AU$109

20GB data - AU$121

20GB data - AU$117

20GB data - AU$129

30GB data - AU$129

30GB data - AU$149

30GB data - AU$139

30GB data - AU$157

60GB data - AU$129

60GB data - AU$139

60GB data - AU$135

60GB data - AU$147

100GB data - AU$199

100GB data - AU$199

100GB data - AU$199

100GB data - AU$199

Optus is offering several special deals in an effort to swipe some more customers, including discounts on some plans and extra data on others. With Optus, AU$105 a month will get you a 64GB iPhone 8 Plus while just AU$5 less per month will get you a smaller iPhone 8 with the same amount of storage and data. 

iPhone 8 (64GB)

iPhone 8 (256GB)

iPhone 8 Plus (64GB)

iPhone 8 Plus (256GB)

1GB data - AU$75

1GB data - AU$83

1GB data - AU$80

1GB data - AU$88

7GB data - AU$90

7GB data - AU$98

7GB data - AU$95

7GB data - AU$103

10GB data - AU$100

10GB data - AU$108

10GB data - AU$105

10GB data - AU$113

30GB data - AU$110

30GB data - AU$118

30GB data - AU$115

30GB data - AU$123

100GB data - AU$127

100GB data - AU$135

100GB data - AU$130

100GB data - AU$140

Vodafone has more options than any other major carrier, including many which include frequent flier deals geared towards the jet setters among us. You can find all the deals for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus here and here, but below are the 24 month plans for those not so interested in frequent flier miles (Vodafone also offers 12- and 36-month plans):

iPhone 8 (64GB)

iPhone 8 (256GB)

iPhone 8 Plus (64GB)

iPhone 8 Plus (256GB)

2GB - AU$74.95

2GB - AU$85.37

2GB - AU$81.20

2GB - AU$91.62

6GB - AU$84.95

6GB - AU$95.37

6GB - AU$91.20

6GB - AU$101.62

16GB - AU$94.95

16GB - AU$105.37

16GB - AU$101.20

16GB - AU$111.62

27GB - AU$104.95

27GB - AU$115.37

27GB - AU$111.20

27GB - AU$121.62

42GB - AU$124.95

42GB - AU$135.37

42GB - AU$131.20

42GB - AU$141.62

50GB - AU$144.95

50GB - AU$155.37

50GB - AU$151.20

50GB - AU$161.62

If none of these plans tickle your fancy, you may want to look to Virgin Mobile's inexpensive offers. With Virgin, you'll be able to get an iPhone 8 from AU$69 a month and an iPhone 8 Plus from AU$75 per month

Not keen to pay for a plan and would rather buy your phone outright? Here's the comprehensive guide for you.

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