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Audiophiliac readers show off their amazing hi-fis and headphones

The sheer diversity of Audiophiliac readers' systems is a sight for sore ears.

This selection of your headphones, speakers and components might turn out to be downright inspirational for any of you just starting your journey into good sound. Each of us puts together our music systems our own way, and I never tire of seeing what you guys are up to.

Shortly after I announced this latest "Show Us Yours" request I was deluged with images of tasty audio gear, so thanks to everyone who took the time to send in shots of your pride and joy!

This time I received a lot more images of home and on-the-go headphone-oriented systems, and a few guys showed off home-built gear, there's a lot of really nice stuff!

Check out Audiophiliac readers' sweet sounding rigs in the Gallery below.