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Checking out Audiophiliac readers' sweet systems

Look here: readers' headphones, speakers, amps and turntables.

1 of 18 Robert W.

Cozy system

When I requested images in April for Audiophiliac readers' desktop systems I knew there would be lots of incredible shots headed my way, but I think the readers have outdone themselves! Here's a look at some of the standouts.

Pictured: Robert W.'s system sports Zu Soul Supreme speakers, Almarro tube amplifier, Schiit Mani phono preamp and a Rega turntable.

2 of 18 Carlos H.

Full of Schiit!

Here's Carlos H.'s Schiit Bifrost Uber Dac, Schiit Valhalla 2 amplifier, Mayflower O2 amplifier, Schiit Vali amplifier, Sennheiser HD650 headphones, NAD Viso HP 50 headphones, and Oppo PM3 headphones.

3 of 18 Don K.

Desktop system, par excellence!

Don K.'s sweet desktop system is running Audioengine A2 speakers, an Audioengine S8 subwoofer, MrSpeakers Alpha Dog headphones, Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear headphones, Schiit Lyr 2 headphone amplifier, and Schiit Bifrost Uber converter.

4 of 18 Eric R.

Sleek speakers

Eric R. paired his Magnepan speakers with a Wyred4Sound preamp, and a pair of Red Dragon Audio 500-watt monoblock amplifiers.

5 of 18 JK

Sounds abound

JK's high-res sounds abound with a Cypher Labs DAC and AlgoRhythm Trio portable tube amp hooked up to AKG K240 headphones.

6 of 18 Gonzalo

Ubiquity + beauty + performance

Gonzalo's iPhone 6 and Shure SE846 in-ear headphones.

7 of 18 Gregory B.

Office system

Gregory B.'s system with an iMac, vintage Marantz 2218 receiver, and NHT 1.3 speakers.

8 of 18 Greg P.

Picture this!

Here's Greg P.'s U-Turn turntable, Schiit preamp, Emotiva digital converter, JBL 305 Studio Monitors, and a MacBook Pro.

9 of 18 Lenonardo D.

High-end, for real

Leonardo D.'s system sports Jamo R907 speakers, Bel Canto REF1000, amps, Musical Fidelity M6PRE preamp, Electrocompaniet ECD-1 digital converter, and a MacMini plus M2Tech HiFace.

10 of 18 Mark A.

Getting emotional

Mark A. digs sounds from his Emotiva Airmotiv 5S monitors from his eight-year old Apple iMac running iTunes with his Schitt Modi 2 digital converter & Magni 2 amp, he also has a set of Sennheiser HD600 headphones. Oh, and there's a SVS SB-1000 subwoofer under the desk.

11 of 18 Mark G.


Behold Mark G.'s gorgeous glass topped Woo Audio WA7 headphone amp, and Sennheiser HD700 headphones.

12 of 18 Matthew M.

Drool worthy

Take a gander at Matthew M.'s classy VPI Classic turntable, ClearAudio Maestro V2 cartridge, Scott 299c integrated amplifier, and Klipsch Heresy III loudspeakers.

13 of 18 November J.

Fun on a nightstand!

November J.'s Woo Audio WA22 headphone amp, Chord Mojo digital converter, and Audeze LCD-X headphones.

14 of 18 Ryan F.

Custom made

Ponder the work Ryan put into his custom-made Magnavox 8802 tube amp he built from a chassis pulled from an old turntable console. The turntable is a Technics SP-15 with an Audio Technica AT-95e cartridge. For digital he uses an Oppo DV-981HD player and a FiiO X1. The speakers are vintage Bozak B207As in solid walnut cabinets!

15 of 18 Slavko P.

Straight out of Slovenia

What we have here is Slavko P's spiffy Kuzma Stabi 2 turntable, fitted with a SME 3009 S III tonearm, and Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge.

16 of 18 Steve D.

Serious about high-end audio

Steve D. went all out with a set of magnificent Audio Physiks Carbon IV speakers, VPI Aries 3 turntable, Aesthetix Rhea phono preamp, Teac 501 player for hi-res files and Blacknote DSS 30 T Static Server.

17 of 18 Steve L.

Head trippin'

Here we have here are Steve L.'s AKG K550 MKII headphones, paired with an Oppo HA-2 amp.

18 of 18 Wayne M.

DIY speakers and so much more!

Wayne M. uses his Denon AVR-4306 receiver with speakers he built 15 years ago. In the picture there's also a pair of Monitor Audio Silver RX6 speakers. The reel-to-reel recorder is a Sony TC-854, and the turntable is an ancient Garrard 6300 rebadged as a Sharp he bought for $20.

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