Attack of the iPhone clones

The Duet W002 can take two SIM cards, but it's nothing more than a poorly conceived iPhone imitation.

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Kent German
Watch this: Beyond E-Tech Duet W002 (unlocked)

In the land of iPhone clones, the Duet W002 is the "cloniest" we've seen. Not only is it the same general shape as the iPhone, but also its menu design, even down to the icons, is a rip-off of Apple's device. In this case, imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery. Emulating and building on someone else's successes is one thing, but it's quite another to offer no ideas of your own.

Like the Duet D888 and D8, the W002 has two SIM card slots, yet that remains its sole highlight. Average performance and a spastic touch screen hamper usability on all fronts. Two SIM cards slots can be immensely helpful, but we suggest avoiding the Duet D8 and W002 touch-screen handsets in favor of the simpler D888. All of the Chinese-made Duet phones are imported by Houston-based Beyond E-tech. The W002 will run you about $150. For more on the W002, check out the video, photo gallery, and full review.

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