AT&T raises price of grandfathered unlimited data plans, again

Soon it could cost $45 a month to have unlimited data.

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Your unlimited data plan may be getting more expensive.

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If you've been on the same unlimited AT&T data plan for years, your bill may be getting more expensive.

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AT&T is raising the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plans to $45 per month starting July 2018, according to a company support page and confirmed to CNET (via MacRumors).

These unlimited data plans keep getting more expensive. Even if you snagged an affordable rate years ago, you may still have to pay more. AT&T's unlimited data plans used to be $30 a month in 2015, before it was raised to $35 in 2016, then again to $40 in 2017.

Despite the hike, $45 a month may be your best option on AT&T. Current AT&T unlimited data plans can cost either $65 or $80 a month for one line. It's cheaper if you add more people though, at $160/$190 a month for four lines (that's $40/$48 per line).

AT&T points to "record levels" of data usage as a reason for the price hike. You can read AT&T's statement below:


AT&T sent CNET this statement.


Meanwhile, Sprint just kicked off an insanely low $15-a-month unlimited data promo.  

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Updated 11:35 a.m. PT: Adding AT&T's statement.

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