Road Trip 2021: How to make more in the USA

Days after he was inaugurated in January, President Joe Biden signed a "Made in America" executive order directing the government to increase the percentage of its $600 annual spending to go toward US-made products and materials. Building more things domestically has been a goal of presidents from both parties for decades. But even though Americans say they like the idea of products manufactured at home, we spend money on stuff made by American companies manufactured overseas -- think Apple's iPhone. Getting consumers to make choices with their dollars and getting companies to invest in US factories and employ more workers isn't as straightforward as some might think.

For Road Trip 2021, CNET's team of reporters, photographers and videographers explore what Biden's order means and how it may change both the technology industry and US manufacturing. What does it mean to be "Made in America"? What are the challenges to and opportunities for setting up shop in the US? What industries still thrive and how are they connected? From roller skates to satellites to moonshine, we also sought out some of the things that are made here -- and found out how the companies do it.