AT&T Is Lowering Its Credit Card Auto Pay Discount Later This Year

The new changes will go into effect "as early as Oct. 2" and lower the discount from $10 per month, per line to $5.

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Eli Blumenthal
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Those who pay for their AT&T cellphone bills with a credit card and take advantage of the carrier's automatic payments and paperless billing discounts may see those bills go up in a couple of months. The carrier has begun reaching out to customers alerting them that "as early as Oct. 2" it will be lowering the discount from $10 per month, per line to $5 per month, per line. 

Per an AT&T support page, this will also include those who pay their bills with AT&T-branded Points Plus Citi card.

The change follows similar moves by AT&T's wireless rivals. Earlier this year, T-Mobile announced that it would end its auto pay credit card discount in May and will no longer give discounts to those using Apple Pay or Google Pay starting on July 25. Verizon, meanwhile, has long limited its auto pay credit card discount solely to those who pay with its Verizon Visa card

Similar to Verizon and T-Mobile, AT&T is encouraging users to switch to paying their bills with a debit card or bank account if they want to keep the full $10 per month auto pay discount. Unlike the other carriers, AT&T is at least keeping some discount for those who still wish to pay with a credit card, even if those monthly savings will soon be cut in half.