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Apple 'yet to decide' on new iPhone design

Apple is still unsure what the next iPhone should look like. But it will have a smaller dock connector, says a report.

Joe Svetlik Reporter
Joe has been writing about consumer tech for nearly seven years now, but his liking for all things shiny goes back to the Gameboy he received aged eight (and that he still plays on at family gatherings, much to the annoyance of his parents). His pride and joy is an Infocus projector, whose 80-inch picture elevates movie nights to a whole new level.
Joe Svetlik
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Despite supposedly still being set to launch in October, the next iPhone doesn't have a final look yet. That's according to a report by iMore.

The Home button is said to be present and correct on the forthcoming device, but sources say the screen, finish, and basically everything concerning the look and feel of the device is yet to be finalised, five months before being announced. But they say it will feature a smaller dock connector, and still launch in October, as previously suggested. Better get a move on, Apple.

This new diddier dock connector will unfortunately render all your current icables useless. It's thought that the reasoning behind it is that this smaller connector will make way for a bigger battery for longer life.

The screen size won't change by too much. The sources say if it does get bigger, it won't be any more than 4 inches, which would mean it would be dwarfed by the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X.

Since Apple ditched the numeral for its latest iPad, there's talk of it doing the same for the next iPhone. Hence it could just be called the next iPhone, or iPhone rather than iPhone 5. 

There's also talk of a 7-inch iPad launching at the same time as the next iPhone, but then rumours of a smaller iPad have been doing the rounds for years now. A 10-inch iPad could also be waiting in the wings. Could Apple be about to go all Samsung on us and give us a device of every screen size?

It does seem late in the day for Apple to be deciding on the look and feel of the iPhone. But then it could have been waiting to see what Samsung would pull out of the bag with the Galaxy S3 last week. The S3 differs in appearance to the S2, looking more pebble-like -- possibly to avoid any more accusations of 'slavish copying'.

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