iPhone 5 out in September, 10-inch iPad to follow?

The iPhone 5 might be on sale in September, followed by a 10-inch iPad, if a report from the manufacturer is to be believed.

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The iPhone 5 may well be arriving in September, according to Digitimes, which claims that Apple device manufacturer Pegatron has already been told to begin production of the next iPhone. This could mean an official unveiling in June, with a 10-inch iPad to launch later in the year.

Apple doesn't build its own products -- instead, it uses companies like Pegatron and the better-known Foxconn to do all the bolting together for them. Pegatron was the company that did the grunt work in building the iPhone 4S and Digitimes reports it's received orders to start work on the follow-up.

It claims that the phone is due to go on sale in September, which could mean that Apple officially unveils it at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June -- an event it has previously used to launch new kit. That would mean an unusually long delay between an announcement and it going on sale though, so it may be that a separate event will be planned.

The report also mentions a 10-inch iPad is on the way later in the year. This is a weird one, given that that's a very slight size difference from the current model. It's likely to irk both case manufacturers and app developers so I don't think it's likely we're going to see such a minor size change -- that's just not Apple's style.

I do still have my fingers crossed for a 7-inch iPad though, which is apparently being produced by Foxconn for an August unveiling. Regardless of what sizes we can expect, it seems that this summer might be an exciting one for Apple fans.

If you can't wait that long, check out our complete guide to the iPhone 5 to get a taste of just what to expect. Let me know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page if you're excited about Apple's new blower.