Apple patents foldable screen tech that bends multiple ways

Is the iPhone Fold coming?

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Apple patent for foldable display

Issued patent for foldable display and cover. 


As Samsung continues its figure out its Galaxy Fold problems, a recent patent suggests we might be getting closer to seeing Apple's version of a foldable device

On Tuesday, the US Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent to Apple for a "foldable cover and display for an electronic device." There are no specifics on whether this display will be for a new iPhone , iPad or other Apple product, but instead, it's listed as just for an electronic device. The patent shows displays folded in a handful configurations, some with multiple bends.


The patent shows displays in multiple folded and unfolded positions.


Apple filed for this particular patent, which was spotted earlier by Patently Apple, on Jan. 12, 2018, but this isn't the first time the iPhone maker submitted documents for a folding electronic device. In February, Apple updated a patent for a foldable clamshell phone, which was originally submitted in 2011. 

That update came around the same time Samsung first unveiled the Galaxy Fold. The $1,980 foldable phone was originally meant to go on sale April 26, but Samsung delayed it after some review units suffered screen malfunctions.

Even though Apple has a patent for the foldable display and cover, this doesn't necessarily mean the public will receive folding iPhones in the coming years. Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Close up with the Galaxy Fold's original screen, notch and hinge

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