Apple now has a prototype foldable iPhone display, report says

No plans have been announced to launch a foldable iPhone yet.

Apple might be looking to add a foldable phone to its suite of products.
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Apple has already begun developing a foldable iPhone, Bloomberg reported Friday. So far, the tech giant has only worked on a prototype display with no set plans for a launch date, the report said, citing unnamed sources.

The prototype foldable screen has an invisible hinge, Bloomberg said. An Apple patent for a foldable iPhone first appeared almost a year ago, but Apple has yet to announce any plans. 

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If it entered the market with a foldable phone, Apple would be competing with Samsung's Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip, as well as the Motorola Razr and Huawei Mate XS. Back in December 2018, Google similarly filed a patent for a foldable mobile device.

For the 2021 iPhones, Apple is only planning minor changes, according to the report, but could include an in-screen fingerprint sensor.

Apple didn't respond to a request for comment.