Apple Music comes free for six months to Verizon Unlimited customers

The music streaming offer is available for new and existing customers.

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Young man holds a smart device while using Apple Music app

Verizon Unlimited customers will be able to get six months of Apple Music for free from Aug. 16.

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Verizon is partnering up with Apple for an offer that'll be music to customers' ears.

Unlimited customers can get six months of Apple Music for free from Aug. 16, when it'll reveal the registration process.

The offer gives them full, ad-free access to the streaming service's 45 million songs, but Verizon suggested there's more to come from this partnership by noting that this is "just the first step."

"It gives our customers exactly what they want: Apple's best-in-class music streaming experience, paired with an unlimited plan tailored to them, on the network they deserve," said Angie Klein, Verizon's vice president of marketing, in a statement.

"And now that you can mix and match our unlimited plans, every person in your family can stream worry-free on the unlimited plan they need, without paying for things they don't."

People who've already taken advantage of the free three months that Apple offers are still eligible for this offer, Mashable notes, so Verizon Unlimited customers could get 9 months of the music streaming service for free.

Verizon introduced a higher tier plan with added high-speed data in June, while Sprint and AT&T both relaunched their data offerings with more expensive options. T-Mobile went in the other direction by announcing a cheaper, cut-down unlimited plan that launches Friday.

If you're still unsure, check out our comparison of all carriers' unlimited plans.

In May, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the service had 50 million users if you combined paid subscriptions with free trials -- still considerably less than chief rival Spotify, which had 75 million paying members and 170 million people using the service for free.