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Apple Maps now shows coronavirus testing locations in all 50 states. How to find one

Hospitals and urgent cares that are testing for coronavirus are now listed in your iPhone's Maps app.

Apple Maps has started adding COVID-19 testing locations.
Angela Lang/CNET

Earlier this month, Apple announced it would be adding coronavirus testing locations to its Maps app for iPhone ($300 at Amazon), and it's now live in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The testing sites include hospitals, urgent cares, health departments, but we're not seeing drive-through locations yet.

The company also has a webpage where testing sites can register their location to be verified by Apple. So if you work with a health care provider for one of the labs or businesses providing tests, you'll need to submit your information to Apple (more below).

To see the list of current COVID-19 testing locations, open the Maps app on your iPhone, tap the search bar and select COVID-19 Testing. It'll show you all the testing locations near you, and each facility will have a red logo with a star in the center to indicate they're testing for coronavirus. 

To add a testing location, visit and download the template. The template asks for details like the business name, address, testing hours and phone number. Once you have your testing site's information filled out, you can email the file to Apple's email, Apple notes it doesn't have an estimated time of how long it'll take your testing site to publish to the Maps app, and you may not be notified when it's live.

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