Apple iWatch concept imagines the 5S and 5C of smart watches

New concept designs imagine designs for the rumoured Apple iWatch inspired by the iPhone 5S and colourful 5C.

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What if Apple isn't working on one iWatch, but two? After introducing two iPhones in the shape of the 5S and colourful 5C, new concept designs envision whether Apple could do the same with its hotly-rumoured smart watch.

Concept artist Martin Hajek is the go-to guy for visualising cool products that don't exist yet, from the rumoured iWatch to a hypothetical curved iPhone. His latest designs update the iWatch concept to adopt Apple's new two-pronged approach to the iPhone. First there's the iWatch S, which imagines a classy metal watch face on a traditional leather strap; and then there's the iWatch C, pictured above, which takes the form of a plastic body on a plastic strap.

Like the iPhone 5C, the iWatch C could come in a variety of cheerful colours.

The 5C is the first iPhone spin-off, contained in a plastic case and boasting slightly lower specs than the flagship 5S, not to mention the fact it lacks a fingerprint scanner. All of these factors make it somewhat cheaper than the 5S, although it is still a long way behind the wallet-friendly likes of the Google Nexus 5 or Motorola Moto G in the bargain stakes.

Of course, the iWatch doesn't exist yet. We have this week seen a wealth of very real smart watches and wearable devices take a bow at CES, the international technology trade show currently whipping up a sandstorm in Las Vegas. From the fitness-tracking Sony Core and LG Lifeband Touch to the Kickstarter-funded Pebble Steel, it seems the Samsung Galaxy Gear will have plenty of company over the next year.

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