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Sony unveils Core, a Fitbit-like health tracker

While going through its monster list of gadgets, Sony slips in its latest attempt at wearable tech, a fitness tracker.

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Sony introduced a health-tracking device Monday, bringing yet another competitor into the popular fitness band category.

The Japanese electronics giant unveiled its new wearable device, Core, at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, all while running through a long list of gadgets. Core is a tiny, waterproof device that works with an app to track your daily activity, according to Sony's President of Mobile Kuni Suzuki. He said it will be available this Spring.

The Core can be slipped into a SmartBand, available in a range of colors and worn around the wrist, but it it looks like it can also be clipped to clothing or shoelaces, similar to a FitBit tracker. It works with Sony's LifeLong app.

Suzuki showcased Core and the SmartBand and the app along with a bunch of recreational technology, including a waterproof media player that sets your laps to music; a GoPro-like mountable camera; the HMZ-T3Q, a 3D head-mounted viewer that lets the wearer watch a virtual screen; and the Sony tennis sensor, which attaches to your racket to record data and sends it to your smartphone.

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