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Apple Arcade's Little Orpheus game is a new take on the space race

The new side-scrolling adventure game is available to play now.

Make it back to the Earth's surface, but will anyone believe your stories?

This story is part of CNET's coverage of Apple Arcade, including exclusive first looks we got at some of the service's high-profile new games.

Apple Arcade on Friday added Little Orpheus from developer The Chinese Room and publisher Sumo Digital, to its growing catalog of over 100 games. In Little Orpheus, set in 1962 amid NASA trying to put a man on the moon, you play as Soviet cosmonaut Comrade Ivan Ivanovich. Instead of heading for the stars, Ivanovich is traveling to the center of the Earth in his exploration capsule, Little Orpheus. 

Ivanovich spends three years adventuring below the Earth's crust and explores lost civilizations, undersea kingdoms and prehistoric jungles. But will anyone believe his stories when gets home?

You can watch the trailer for the game below: 

The game's developers were inspired by films like The Land that Time Forgot, historic Soviet themes, the Cold War itself and midcentury sci-fi books, according to a press release. The Chinese Room is based in Brighton, England and is the studio behind such highly praised games as Dear Esther, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. 

With Apple Arcade's release in September, Apple firmly staked its claim in the mobile gaming world. The subscription gaming service costs $4.99 a month (£4.99, AU$7.99) and lets you play more than 100 new and exclusive games across the iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch and Apple TV.

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