Apple Arcade's Jenny LeClue Spoken Secrets Edition gives the game a new voice

Apple Arcade updates the mystery game, along with three others for the weekend.

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Shelby Brown

Jenny LeClue, one of my favorite Apple Arcade games, gets a massive update.


On Friday,  Apple Arcade , Apple's $4.99-a-month gaming service, released The Spoken Secrets Edition for studio Mografi's mystery game Jenny LeClue. The Spoken Secrets Edition update takes the game to the next level by adding voice talent, bringing over 35 characters to life with more than 50,000 words of dialogue.

In addition to Jenny LeClue, Apple Arcade updated Secret Oops!, Roundguard and Agent Intercept. Apple Arcade updates a few games every week in tandem with releasing new titles, such as recent releases Necrobarista and The Lullaby of Life, for its growing catalog of over 120 games. You can play on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and Apple TV

Here's what you need to know about the latest game updates. 

Agent Intercept

Developer: PikPok

PikPok Games/Twitter

Agent Intercept, the espionage racing game, got a new Crisis mission. Race against the clock on treacherous terrain to defeat the evil C.L.A.W organization.

Secret Oops!

Developer: MixedBag


Secret Oops!, the lighthearted cooperative local multiplayer AR game about bumbling spy Special Agent Charles, got a new playable world, The Deep. The new world features 15 new levels and gameplay mechanics.


Developer: Wonderbelly Games

Apple Arcade

Roundguard added a new Treasure Hunter update with more gameplay modes. The cute dungeon crawler now has daily puzzles and weekly challenge runs that can unlock special rewards.

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