Apple AirTag accessories are already here from third-party vendors

Keychains, mounts and even a glasses-strap option are here to help house your new smart tags.

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ESR's silicone AirTag keychains are a touch less expensive than the Apple x Hermès collection.

With Apple officially unveiling its AirTag tracking device on Tuesday, during its Spring Loaded virtual product launch event, companies are already launching their own tie-in products, from keychains to eyeglass straps. The AirTag doesn't attach to anything straight out of the box, so if you want it physically linked to a set of keys or an item you commonly lose track of, you'll need another product, either from Apple or another firm.

As reported earlier by MacRumors, Valentinus is selling two AirTag keychains for $25, or $20 when you preorderNomad's leather keychain costs $40, or $30 when you preorder. Its glasses strap allows you to mount your AirTag to the back of your sunglasses strap; it's priced at $30, or $20 when you order ahead.

ESR has a collection of keychains ranging from a pack of two silicon keychains for $11 to a leather option selling for $13.

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If you prefer a more versatile mount than a keychain, Moment is offering a stretch fabric mount for AirTags for $15, a hard shell mount for $20 and a curved surface mount for $15. The mounts will stick to any hard surface or fabric surface, Moment says.

By comparison, a leather key ring from Apple costs $35, a leather loop $39 and a polyurethane loop $29 -- while the tech giant's collaboration with luxury leather goods company Hermès resulted in a $300 bag charm, a $350 key ring and a $450 luggage charm.

You can also get a Belkin Secure Holder for $13, which'll be sold through Apple's site.

The Apple AirTag is priced at $29, with a four-pack for $99. You can preorder on April 23, with the tags available from April 30.