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Apple's 2023 Black History Month Collection Is Here Along With iOS 16.3

Features and designs that celebrate Black culture are now available for the Apple Watch and the iPhone.

red, black, yellow and green mosaic design on Apple iphone and watch
New Apple designs for iPhones and the Apple Watch in honor of Black History Month. 

Apple is celebrating Black History Month with the launch of its Black Unity Collection, which includes a special-edition Apple Watch Black Unity Sport Loop, matching iPhone wallpaper and a mosaic watch face. The watch face and wallpaper designs are now available, along with its newest software updates: iOS 16.3 and WatchOS 9.3.

This month, Apple will be offering a selection of Black History Month content for Apple TV, Fitness Plus, Music, Maps, Books, Podcasts and the App Store. The Smithsonian created a special set of guides that highlight landmarks and events from the Civil Rights Movement, and writer and educator Jelani Cobb curated a lineup of films for the Apple TV app. 

Apple's $49 Black Unity Sport Loop is available on the website and via the Apple Store app, and it'll be in select Apple Stores. The band fits Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4 or newer and Apple Watch Ultra. To display the Unity watch face, you must have a Watch Series 4 or later with WatchOS 9.3, an iPhone 8 or newer model, or an iPhone SE (second gen) or later that runs iOS 16.3. 

red, black, yellow and green mosaic design on Apple watch band

Apple's Black Unity Sport Loop spells out the word unity and features colors from the Pan-African flag.


Along with the new watch face, the Unity iPhone wallpaper is here with the iOS 16.3 update. To run it, you'll need to have an iPhone 8 or newer model. You can find the wallpaper on the lock screen customization menu. Other new features that launched with the software update include parking assistance on Apple Maps, security keys and more ways to use Emergency SOS.