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Apple Fitness Plus Kicks Off 2023 With a New Workout, Sleep Meditation and More

As people are finalizing their fitness goals for the year, Apple adds kickboxing workouts, another type of meditation and Beyoncé music to its exercise service.

A trainer leads a kickboxing workout

Fitness Plus, Apple's streaming exercise service, is getting an upgrade Monday, with new kickboxing workouts, meditations dedicated to sleep, new workout Collections and an Artist Spotlight dedicated to Beyoncé. 

Starting Monday, Fitness Plus will add access to cardio kickboxing workouts in 10-, 20- or 30-minute lengths. Members will also get two new Collections, specific bunches of exercise content from the Fitness Plus Library. The latest collections will be 6 Weeks to Restart Your Fitness, designed for building new exercise habits, and Level Up Your Core Training, featuring core workouts with dumbbells. 

If you're aiming to get more rest in the new year, there's a sleep meditation coming to Fitness Plus, too. New sleep meditations will be added every week as part of Apple's meditation library, but you can get started with an introductory program, which includes four 20-minute meditations designed to slow you down. 

A display of a sleep meditation screen on phone

Fitness Plus is also starting the new year off by dropping some big celebrity names, including those who appear in new episodes of its Time to Walk series, leading with actor Jamie Lee Curtis. Amber Ruffin, José Andrés and more will be added each week. 

Music from Beyoncé, including songs from her Renaissance album, will be paired with HIIT, dance, cycling and other workouts across the platform as part of the Artist Spotlight. Music from Bad Bunny and the Foo Fighters will be added later this month. 

The subscription service (which costs $10 a month or $80 a year) is no longer limited to people with an Apple Watch. In October, Apple announced that anyone with an iPhone can use Fitness Plus and access the workouts. 

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