Angry Birds costumes almost enough to make Halloween exciting

There was one thing the world really needed, and that was an Angry Birds Halloween costume. Thanks to the Clock Blog, we can all live happily ever after.

Asavin Wattanajantra
2 min read

You can tell a game has made it when it starts receiving real-life geek adoration. Cakes are baked. Plush toys appear on desks of IT departments. In the most extreme cases, grown men and women dress up as the game's characters. So Angry Birds has officially made it: two very strange men have created Halloween costumes of the annoyed avians.

Perhaps as a tribute to the recently released Halloween version, members of the Clock Blog decided the world needed to see two men dancing around in homemade Angry Birds outfits. They look fabulous, with four of the suicidal birds present in the game having a costume created in their honour. The triangular costume for the suicidal pointy yellow bird is particularly impressive.

Of course there are things you can't replicate from the game, although you could have a go. If you're dressing up as the red bird you could simply run at a fair pace towards a wall. As the yellow bird you'd need to speed up just as you smack it. For more realism, a catapult would be a great addition. We would advise that walls in real life may not fall as easily as in the game.

Unfortunately there's no easy way to replicate the splitting blue birds or the black bomb bird (although the film Four Lions springs to mind). And where are the pigs? Sure, they're unable to do anything but grunt and make an evil chuckle, but we want to see real-life Angry Bird battles on YouTube as soon as possible. By the end of the day, ideally.

These costumes aren't official, although they certainly look it. That comes as a surprise, as the developer Rovio has never been shy of squeezing the idea for all it's worth, with a movie and a line of toys expected. If you want to make these costumes yourself, the Clock Blog offers to send you instructions on how to make them. Just email the address at the link here.

Image credit: The Clock Blog