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Angry Birds the Movie could be heading our way

The gazillion selling mobile game could soon be heading to our movie screens sometime in the future. Could it open the way to other gaming apps based on films?

Imagine a film where suicidal birds fling themselves into collapsing buildings which flatten evil pigs. If a Variety report is right, the Angry Birds movie could soon be a reality.

Finnish creator Rovio has reportedly been hawking a series of ideas based on the hit iPhone game to Hollywood. Movies, TV shows, toys and comic books have been mentioned.

Rovio would not be the first app creator to branch out. Bolt Creative has a comic book detailing the adventures of the pygmies that feature in its iPhone game, Pocket God

We might be wary though, as the quality has never been all that great when it comes to video game adaptations. The list of bad movies based on games is endless. Think of movies like Streetfighter, Resident Evil, Super Mario Brothers (maybe this wasn't so bad, but it did feature Bob Hoskins).

But if Angry Birds does make it as a movie - what would be next?

Imagine a film based on Canabalt - a black and white suited character racing through a futuristic city landscape pursued by a nameless enemy, using parkour to jump over high buildings and smash through windows, with a kiss-ass soundtrack.

How about Doodle Jump? A psychedelic adventure based on the drawings of a particularly weird kid, who may possibly have taken a few too many hallucinogens.

Would you watch an Angry Birds movie? Or are they just flogging the birds to an inch of their lives? Let us know in the comments below.