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All the Pixel 5 features that Google just made available on Pixel 3 and 4

Google's December software update brings a number of software additions to Pixel 3 phones and newer.

Features from the Pixel 5 and 4A 5G are now available on older Pixel phones.
Angela Lang/CNET

One of the most underrated aspects of owning a Pixel phone is the steady stream of software updates. A great example of this is Google's December update, which takes a handful of nifty features we've seen on the new Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G and gives them to 2018's Pixel 3 phones and newer.

Software additions include:

  • Hold for Me: You can have Google Assistant take your place when on hold and notify you when a real person is back on the call.
  • Extreme Battery Saver: This option on top of the regular battery saver mode severely limits app usage to extend battery life.
  • Duo group call screen share: Watch the same video in group calls on Duo.
  • Google Photos new photo editor: Machine learning suggests improvements that you can do with just one tap. Fine adjustment tools are easier to use.
  • Adaptive Sound: Improves the sound quality of the phone speaker based on its surroundings.
  • General adaptivity: Your Pixel becomes more contextually aware. It can adapt battery needs, connectivity and more based on where you are, when you need certain features.
  • Mandalorian wallpapers: New wallpapers featuring Mando, Baby Yoda and more.

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