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All the non-Apple news you missed on Apple Day

Apple dominated, but there was more news today than just the new iPhones and Apple Watch. Here's what else happened.

Minecraft on Xbox One

Did you hear? Apple announced some new products today.

Yes, the news of the new iPhones and Apple Watch dominated the news cycle -- but it wasn't the only thing that happened in the tech world today.

So, no matter which side of the fanboy divide you're on -- whether you delightedly keep the iBlinders on, or you think Apple is just dressing up features already done better and earlier in Android -- here are the biggest stories that were drowned out by the news in Cupertino.

  1. Amazon Prime Instant Video arrives on Android - Has Amazon just snuffed out one of the biggest reasons to buy a Kindle Fire Phone or tablet? Possibly. But for the rest of us, Amazon just became an even better cross-platform streaming video solution.
  2. FCC chief to wireless industry: I work for the American public - Speaking at CTIA/Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler tells the industry not to expect a free ride on any of the major issues his agency is now considering, including megamergers, Net neutrality, and the upcoming incentive wireless auction.
  3. Disconnect Mobile yanked again from Google Play - Android privacy and security app Disconnect Mobile finds itself on the outside of Google Play looking in -- for the second time in three weeks.
  4. 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT debuts with new 'hot inside V' turbocharged engine - Debuting today, the new sports coupe is as wide and low-slung as ever, but features a new look that is simpler and more in-line with the automaker's latest models.
  5. Donkervoort GTO: XCAR goes Dutch on the Lotus Seven (video) - Dutch manufacturer Donkervoort puts an aggressive spin on the old Lotus Seven design to deliver a car that can put many super cars to shame.
  6. For medium-format fans, Hasselblad adds H5X camera body - To try to keep medium-format photographers loyal to the brand, Hasselblad introduces a new camera body with modernized focusing.
  7. Jawbone Up24 update doubles battery life - Not only has a new firmware update for the Up24 fitness tracker significantly improved battery life, Jawbone has opened the software to data from rival devices.
  8. Become legend? Ambitious Destiny aims for gaming superstar status - The minds behind Halo, one of the most successful game franchises ever made, hope to strike it again with a massive new game being bankrolled in part by Activision Blizzard.
  9. Microsoft said to be nearing $2B-plus deal for Minecraft maker - In other big video game news, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft may be about to buy Mojang, publisher of the megasuccessful Minecraft franchise.

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