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'Steve Jobs' film is a 'painting, not a photograph,' moviemakers say

At an advance screening of the movie in San Francisco, writer Aaron Sorkin and director Danny Boyle defend why they stretched the truth about the Apple co-founder's life.

Dell to buy EMC in $67B tech megamerger

The acquisition of data storage provider EMC would continue the reinvention of Dell in the post-PC era.

Will you heart Facebook's new emojis?

The Like button, with its thumbs-up icon, has long been a staple of the world's largest social network. Now Facebook is adding six more symbols to help us express ourselves.

More top storiesOctober 13, 2015

NASA's 20-year road map for getting us to Mars
NASA recently outlined its plan to get astronauts to Mars roughly two decades from now. Here are some of the biggest planned milestones it hopes will make that happen.
by Eric Mack
Computer attack insurance rates rise after high-profile breaches
Hacks of Sony, Target, Home Depot and major health insurers have made it more expensive to cope with data theft, Reuters reports.
by Katie Collins

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