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Chromecast at Year 1: Why it's more than just an impulse buy

Q&A: For the first birthday of Google's streaming-media stick, the exec behind the dirt-cheap dongle discusses its backstory, year one, and the path ahead.

Dear piracy apologists, It's not cool to download unreleased films

Commentary: Even in the age of Spotify and Netflix, the movie-going experience remains largely intact. Not because of greed, but because filmmaking has no good alternative.

Meet Intel's SoFIA, the super-cheap smartphone chip

The company is trying to bring the cost of smartphones down to as little as $50.

EA gaming subscription service coming to Xbox One
iPhone 6 screen won't be made of sapphire, analysts claim
Microsoft's China offices raided over antitrust allegations
​Soon, you too will be able to learn Dothraki

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2 hours agoMobileby

Apple wins patent for crowd-sourced traffic navigation

The envisioned system would help you plan your route by analyzing stop lights, stop signs, and obstacles that can slow your trip.

9 hours agoLaptopsby

Apple refreshes MacBook Pro line with minor upgrades, same prices

Apple has updated the hardware for its profitable MacBook Pro line -- all 15-inch models will come with 16GB RAM but with no price increase.

18 hours agoMobileby

​Will a cell phone unlocking law really matter?

Lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle pass a bill that will make unlocking a cell phone legal again. But will it really give consumers more choices?


Comic-Con 2014: Legos, superheroes, and nerds unite (pictures)

Here are some scenes from this year's San Diego Comic-Con, featuring costumes and comics alongside full-size Bat-cycles and a 12-foot-tall Lord Business.

2 minutes agoMobile Accessoriesby

Chinese phone makers gain amid smartphone surge

IDC report shows shipments for market leader Samsung slipped during the second quarter while Huawei's nearly doubled.

7 minutes agoCraveby

'Wholock: The Musical': Hear the Doctor, Sherlock sing a duet

Will Sherlock Holmes join the Doctor traveling through time and space in this musical battle, or will Holmes make The Doctor move into 221B Baker Street?


Take a closer look at the BlackBerry Passport (pictures)

The BlackBerry Passport is a decidedly different smartphone, aimed at offering a comfortable, spacious way to hammer out emails all day.

1 hour agoCraveby

Who won 'Wacky Races'? F1 scoring reveals the world's wackiest racer

According to Formula 1 scoring, which wacky racer mounts the podium as the surprising overall winner of the classic cartoon?

1 hour agoCraveby

Man-made 'breathing' leaf is an oxygen factory for space travel

An artificial leaf converts water and light to oxygen, and that's good news for road-tripping to places beyond Earth.

1 hour agoConsolesby

EA to bring gaming subscription service to Xbox One

Electronic Arts, the game publisher behind Madden and FIFA, introduces EA Access, a $4.99-per-month gaming subscription service exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox One console.

1 hour agoTech Cultureby

Man who filmed himself driving car from passenger seat gets convicted

A 20-year-old Spanish man thought it'd be fun to post the video to YouTube. It wasn't.

1 hour agoCraveby

PantryChic is like a robotic prep cook for your home kitchen

Store and dispense baking ingredients with a kitchen gadget that takes the hassle out of converting weights and measures.

2 hours agoTechnically Incorrectby

Fox's Bill O'Reilly: Gadgets got Obama elected

The Fox News presenter says iPads and the like made it easier to present a candidate's image that was "false" to narcissistic young people.

2 hours agoInternetby

Sky looks to the next generation of TV, backs Oculus Rift startup

A major British broadcaster has invested in a Silicon Valley virtual reality startup developing the next generation of entertainment.

3 hours agoCraveby

The 404 Throwback Ep. 101: Where we're putting the Yu in useless (podcast)

Take a trip down memory lane with The 404 Show as we relive Justin Yu's first official appearance on the program as a full time cast member. (Original air date: 5/16/08)

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