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Apple Music's most playful feature may be its most crucial

"Siri, play the top song from 1982." Apple Music's silliest element sets the new $10 subscription service apart from the pack -- but will it get you to pay?


Marvel leaps from video game to comic

The venerable comic book maker has inspired movies, TV shows and video games. Now, with Contest of Champions, the trend is working in reverse.

Sprint aims to fix its image, one house call at a time

The struggling carrier expands its Direct 2 You program, which brings a customer rep to a place of your choosing, to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver.

More top storiesJune 30, 2015

Silicon Valley tweets, posts pride after Supreme Court ruling
Leaders of companies exult online and plaster rainbows over corporate logos in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling striking down bans on same sex marriage.
by Laura Hautala
iOS 8.4 brings Apple Music, Beats 1 radio
Apple's streaming music service arrives Tuesday, and reports on the next iPhone point to Force Touch screens. Also, Facebook adds Snapchat-like photo tools to the main app.
by Dan Graziano

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