mobile world congress

Samsung swings big with overhauled Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

The consumer electronics titan shows an aggressive streak -- and makes a few cracks at Apple's expense -- as it seeks to regain its dominance in the smartphone industry.

Google confirms wireless efforts, plans bigger reveal 'in coming months'

Don't look for Google to run a large-scale wireless network. Instead, it is teaming up with carriers, as it does with hardware makers for Nexus devices.

Nissan CEO on possible Apple car: 'It's obviously good news'

Carlos Ghosn also laid out his vision for autonomous driving, with the first assisted driving capabilities coming next year and a driverless car pulling up in 10 years.

HP to buy Aruba Networks for $2.7B in mobile push
Silent Circle reveals secure Blackphone 2 phone
Virtual reality is taking over the video game industry
7 things Net neutrality won't do

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