Google may disconnect the phone for its VR vision of the future

The next version of the search giant's virtual-reality goggles may be a lot more advanced than a folded piece of cardboard -- and not need a phone at all.

Einstein nailed it! Gravitational waves do exist

Scientists prove Einstein's theory after spotting black holes collide.

Iron Boy saves Sydney! And he's only 9 years old

A boy with cystic fibrosis saves the day in Sydney, with help from Make-A-Wish, dressing up as a pint-size Iron Man and fighting Ultron's henchmen.

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New glimpses of 'Game of Thrones,' season 6
We've barely scratched the surface of winter, and new "Game of Thrones" pics are here to warm us up. Let's frantically dissect them, one by one. (Caution: Possible spoilers definitely await!)
by Caitlin Petrakovitz

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