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Twitter earnings leaked via tweets

The microblogging site inadvertently released its first-quarter financials after posting on its own investor relations Web page.

With leather-clad G4, LG fashions a rival to Apple and Samsung

By embracing a leather exterior and a flashier camera, LG hopes to win customers away from its better-known rivals. An exclusive inside look at a G4 factory shows it's ramping up for a big launch.

T-Mobile cements its standing by adding 1.8M customers

The Uncarrier march continues to pick up steam, but the growth is coming at a cost as the wireless carrier posts another loss because of its aggressive promotions.

YouTube pays (more) stars to make new shows
The top task for Windows 10: Proving its worth
Strong iPhone demand pushes Apple's sales -- again
Exploring Ireland's beautiful, moonlike Burren territory

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