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Speak, toy! Welcome to the age of chatting with your teddy bear

Elemental Path and ToyTalk hope to pioneer interactive toys. But will kids and parents want Internet-connected Barbies and dinosaurs?

Virtual reality wants to rule video games. Here's who'll rule VR

Watch for blockbuster headset launches in the coming year, with Facebook and Valve leading the charge.

Women VCs say to hell with status quo

Powerful female venture capitalists are remaking the rules of VC conduct.

More top storiesMay 24, 2015

NSA's collection of phone-call data could be cut off for a time
As a key deadline approaches, the US Senate votes against extending a controversial National Security Agency program -- but votes down a bill designed to reform it.
by Edward Moyer
'Tomorrowland' is first movie to use Dolby Vision
The "Tomorrowland" future is bright -- especially if you watch it in a theater with Dolby Vision. Also coming to the world of tomorrow: 38 new emojis and a possible flag for planet Earth.
by Bridget Carey

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