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Vexed in the city: San Francisco strife spurs tech defectors elsewhere

As clashes mar tech's epicenter, entrepreneurs find that fleeing San Francisco for up-and-coming startup hubs can offer unique advantages.

How Microsoft will ride Android hardware to save Windows Phone

The HTC One M8 for Windows marks a new tack Microsoft hopes will lead to greater popularity for Windows Phone. The basic idea: Let handset makers reuse high-end Android hardware.

Coin delayed until spring 2015 as questions remain

The startup behind a smart electronic device that stores credit and debit cards will offer a beta program for 10,000 customers.

Not so Secret? How a hack could have killed app's anonymity
Windows 9 unveiling set for September 30, report says
Vexed in the city: Starved for tech talent
Samsung: Metal-framed Galaxy Alpha is toughest Galaxy yet

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7 hours agoMobileby

Twitter will reportedly roll out 'buy' button later this year

Soon, you may be able to buy things directly from Twitter thanks to a feature powered by payments service Stripe.

8 hours agoTech Industryby

Google buys Gecko Design for X projects

The product-design firm will be put to work on some of Google's most "cutting edge" projects.

11 hours agoCar Techby

Google's self-driving cars will need steering wheels, at least for now

New California DMV rules say the search giant's software-powered car prototypes need physical controls -- a decision that forces Google back to the drawing board.

15 hours agoPhonesby

Supply chain issue snags iPhone 6 production -- report

A redesign of the display for the next Apple smartphone has slowed production ahead of its expected unveiling on September 9, Reuters reports.


Hack attack: Apps can spy on other apps

Researchers reveal a flaw in Android, iOS and Windows that lets hackers peer into Gmail, Chase and other apps. Also, Norton reduces its software line to one product, and Pebble gets score alerts with the ESPN app.


Top-rated reviews of the week (pictures)

We're finding great products all along the price gamut this week. The beautiful, high-end Xiaomi Mi 4 gets an "Oustanding," and a gaming laptop impresses; meanwhile, CNET's editors also rated an excellent AV receiver, an appealing smart light bulb, and the best "ultrabudget" laser printer you can buy. Read more.

4 hours agoTech Cultureby

CNET Giveaway: Roku 3

Tell us which villain from a movie you would be for a chance to win* a Roku 3.


The best ultraportable, ultra-flexible hybrids

These 11-inch Yoga-like 2-in-1 systems work do double duty as laptops and tablets.

5 hours agoComputersby

5 Chrome tricks for power users

Ready to exercise your supreme Chrome skills? Learn how to set your location, easily view cached pages, and more!

5 hours agoSmart Homeby

Delve into DIY security with these connected cameras

Whether you're serious about security or simply want to spy on a mischievous pet, these clever cameras are vying for a spot in your home.

5 hours agoCraveby

Cyborg moths to the rescue!

Scientists are developing a method of controlling the flight muscles of moths wirelessly, instantly introducing a new term to the vocabulary of technophobes: the mothpocalypse.

5 hours agoSecurityby

How to keep your car cool on hot days

Hot summer days can make your car feel like a sauna on four wheels. Here are some quick tricks to keep it cool on hot days.

6 hours agoMobile Appsby

The best mobile apps for taking notes

While our smartphones and tablets come with apps that let you jot things down, there are much better apps available that help you organize your notes and be more productive.

6 hours agoPeripheralsby

USB Type-C: One cable to connect them all

CNET editor Dong Ngo explains the USB standard and the significant of the latest USB Type-C.

7 hours agoCraveby

Crave Ep. 171: The Superhero Workout will whip nerds into shape

Level up your prototype battle suit with the Superhero Workout app for iOS, then relax with a rubdown from your laptop case.​

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