FCC got Net neutrality 'right,' but fight isn't over, Franken says

Sen. Al Franken says regulating the Internet like a telephone service is the only way the FCC could withstand legal challenges from the telecom industry.

Apple Watch already wins prestigious design award

Before it's even on the market, the watch wins gold in the 2015 iF Design Awards. The next challenge will be to see if it can win the battle for consumers' hearts and dollars.

Microsoft co-founder says he's found sunken WWII battleship

Technically Incorrect: Paul Allen says he's used high-tech methods to locate the Musashi, which was considered an "engineering marvel" and was sunk by US warplanes in 1944.

Sony's Morpheus virtual-reality headset arriving in 2016
Nvidia pitches Shield video game console for the living room
Surface Pro 3 a clue to Microsoft's next flagship phone?
'FREAK' security flaw left Apple, Android users exposed

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