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The smart card: Apple Pay competitor or simple stopgap?

Mobile payments is a crowded industry, but is one card for storing all your credit cards more practical than we think?

Want cheaper wireless service? Patience is a virtue

CNET's Marguerite Reardon explains how three key phenomena could reshape the wireless industry in the next few years and pave the way for more affordable mobile services.

Women VCs say to hell with status quo

Powerful female venture capitalists are remaking the rules of VC conduct.

More top storiesMay 25, 2015

Apple's Jony Ive promoted to chief design officer
Ive will focus on designing retail stores and the company's new campus, Apple CEO Tim Cook announces in a company memo.
by Steven Musil
'Tomorrowland' is first movie to use Dolby Vision
The "Tomorrowland" future is bright -- especially if you watch it in a theater with Dolby Vision. Also coming to the world of tomorrow: 38 new emojis and a possible flag for planet Earth.
by Bridget Carey

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