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Apple's iPhone 6S: The peak of smartphone boredom?

With few physical changes expected with the next iPhone, it's become emblematic of a problem with the broader smartphone industry: It's just not that exciting anymore.

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Bringing the past into high-resolution view

CNET delves into the tech revolution helping historians in Israel reveal more about the past.


Gear S2 propels Samsung into sleeker design, focus on apps

Samsung's newest smartwatches work with the most recent Android phones and support Samsung Pay, among other features.

More top storiesSeptember 3, 2015

For Motorola's latest smartwatch, it's all about freedom of choice
Motorola's head of design, Jim Wicks, isn't concerned about facing off against the Apple Watch. The highly customizable Moto 360? "It's a better product," he says.
by Roger Cheng
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Is a 12.9-inch iPad Pro coming soon?
Apple may be getting ready to unveil the iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 and a new Apple TV. Also, Google's Nexus refresh starts Sept. 29 and Tesla announces pricing on the Model X SUV.
by Jeff Bakalar

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