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Apple Music's most playful feature may be its most crucial

"Siri, play the top song from 1982." Apple Music's silliest element sets the subscription service apart from the pack, but will it get you to shell out $10 a month? Today's launch will be telling.

Sprint bids adieu to $50 iPhone plan in the name of clarity

The wireless carrier will instead promote an "All-In" plan that includes $60 for the plan and $20 for the smartphone.


Marvel leaps from video game to comic

The venerable comic book maker has inspired movies, TV shows and video games. Now, with Contest of Champions, the trend is working in reverse.

More top storiesJune 30, 2015

How a hunger solution went viral
Nonprofit Feeding Forward hits a global chord with its on-demand food-donating service.
by Dara Kerr
Universes could be created during Tuesday's leap second
What's in a single second? An awful lot, depending on when and where you are in the universe. Crave's Eric Mack ponders the value of Tuesday's extra leap second.
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