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LinkedIn needs to get you excited again. Here's how it'll do it

The social network's revamp of its app, out Tuesday, is the most important it's ever made. In a behind-the-scenes look before its release, LinkedIn talked about what went into the app that now serves as its "front door."

Zuckerberg's newest Likes: A daughter, and a $45B initiative

The Facebook CEO announces that his wife, Priscilla Chan, has given birth to their first child. The pair also says they're establishing a new philanthropic initiative.

​Drones in 2015 move from 'wow, that's neat' to 'uh-oh'

These aerial toys and tools now are on the FAA's regulatory radar. Rules are tightening for consumers but should loosen for businesses.

More top storiesDecember 1, 2015

'Thing Explainer': Fun if you enjoy puzzles, annoying if you just want to learn
Cartoonist and author Randall Munroe's latest book details science and technology with only a 1,000-word vocabulary. That limits its appeal, but the book is fun for those who already know the basics.
by Stephen Shankland
Yahoo reportedly to mull sale of its core business
The lumbering Internet giant may be looking to sell its iconic Web properties, including Yahoo Mail and search, says a report.
by Richard Nieva

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