Inside the tech aiming Aereo through TV's legal hoops

Aereo wants to give you broadcast TV on the Web. But it needed thousands of mini antennas, high-octane transcoding, and lots of air conditioners to build a system it hopes can pass legal scrutiny.

Why the Aereo case over TV’s future is too tough to call

In Palau, lost WWII graves and unexploded bombs

For years, volunteers have sought the remains of POWs and others executed by the Japanese. Meanwhile, an NGO removes old bombs from the island nation.

Beware old bombs Robots find WWII bombers

End of fitness bands? Wearable tech ready to move forward

Nike's decision to step away from fitness band hardware may indicate that wearable tech will shift rapidly this year.

Exclusive: Most of FuelBand team fired

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New Joss Whedon film debuts online for $5

The man behind "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and the "Avengers" films has a new supernatural drama out on Vimeo.

8 minutes agoHome Entertainmentby

Apple TV gets Lifetime and History Channel apps

Apple TV has added three new cable apps to its set-top this morning which include Lifetime, History Channel and A&E.

9 minutes agoInternetby

AT&T to take Gigabit broadband to 21 new metro areas

AT&T announced plans to extend its U-Verse with Gigapower fiber network to more cities as it prepares to face-off with Google in deploying ultra-high speed broadband throughout select parts of its 22-state territory.

24 minutes agoTechnically Incorrectby

Parents prefer phones to kids?

Those who specialize in child development say they're noticing more incidents of parents ignoring their kids in favor of their phones. For some kids, phones become hate objects.


Keep secret Galaxy S5 photos under lock and key

Whatever your reasons for wanting to sequester a video, photo, voice file, or document, the Galaxy S5 grants you your privacy.

1 hour agoSoftwareby

Microsoft Office 'Mix' -- a next-gen presentation app?

Microsoft is signing up testers for a soon-to-be-released preview of "Office Mix," a new, interactive presentation application.

1 hour agoMobileby

Apple's slippery slope toward search

(analysis) Yahoo may yearn to win the prize that is the mobile Safari's search box, but Apple could decide to develop its own for the sake of keeping search in the family.

2 hours agoMobile Appsby

Uber bumps into more roadblocks in Europe

After running into trouble trying to launch its car-for-hire service in France, Uber faces a new hurdle in Spain, according to blog site Tech.Eu.

2 hours agoThe Cheapskateby

Get a Google Chromecast for $29.99

That's only five bucks off the regular price, but it's still a smokin' deal.

2 hours agoMobileby

Nokia expects to close Microsoft deal on April 25

In a $7.2 billion deal, Nokia's devices and services business is now scheduled to be an official subsidiary of Microsoft at the end of the week.

2 hours agoWearable Techby

The end of fitness bands? Wearable tech feels ready to move forward

Nike moving away from fitness band hardware might be an indication that wearable tech is shifting fast in 2014.

3 hours agoInternetby

Beauty startup Birchbox lands $60M in funding

Birchbox plans to use the funds to gain ground in the beauty industry and expand the reach of its sample-filled boxes.


FNV Labs' Mellow smart sous vide cooker runs hot, cold, and smart

This sous vide cooker is truly smart, thanks to a refrigeration feature that lets you prep in the morning to cook at night.

3 hours agoAppleby

Apple’s sales for last quarter expected to be flat

Analysts polled by Fortune are eyeing sales of $43.5 billion on average, virtually unchanged from the same quarter last year.

3 hours agoMobileby

Square discussing possible sale with Google, Apple -- report

The company hasn't come close to inking a deal so far -- and it's apparently running a little low on cash.