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Confessions of a smartphone thief

Nearly 2 billion people worldwide use smartphones -- typically worth hundreds of dollars a pop on the black market. A former smartphone thief explains their allure.

Why comics can't get enough of Twitter

With a format tailor-made for one-liners, Twitter has become the world's biggest stand-up comedy club. TV comedy writers and an original "SNL" cast member tell Crave why the tweet's the thing.

Google gives mobile shoppers some help ahead of Black Friday

Mobile search will deliver more shopping details and a 360-degree view of certain products.

Video games aren't all gore; artistic titles are on the rise
FAA said to be imposing strict rules on commercial drones
Stealthy Regin malware is a 'top-tier espionage tool'
Ex-BlackBerry CEO Heins: 'I have no regrets'

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