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To stop next Spam King, Facebook program helps firms share security info

The company's ThreatExchange program hopes to break longstanding barriers to companies talking about the cybersecurity threats they face. Early indications show they're willing to play along.


Inside Google's plan for faster, sharper streaming video

Firm is working on new tech that will let it squeeze higher-quality video over broadband and mobile networks. And it has a chance to catch on.

Showtime for next iPhone: 9/9

Apple sends invites to SF event, where it's expected to reveal new versions of phones, Apple TV.

More top storiesAugust 30, 2015

Top chips exec Weili Dai sees 'hopeful' future for women in tech
Dai, co-founder of chipmaker Marvell and one of the US' wealthiest women, says that with a better ecosystem of support and encouragement, women will be able to contribute their natural talents to tech.
by Ben Fox Rubin
Silicon Valley gives rare blessing to software for church
Startups catering to religious groups promise more parishioners -- and donations.
by Max Taves

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