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3 things we learned from Apple's Q3 earnings call

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks up China and a new partnership with IBM but downplays weak iPad sales.

Going on a long international trip? Get a local SIM

CNET's Marguerite Reardon offers two travelers insight on the best ways to save money on their wireless service while journeying abroad.

Want major new aircraft designs? Wait until 2030

Boeing and Airbus are tweaking the tried-and-true instead of going for the all-new. Here's why the jet-age pizzazz has been grounded.

Microsoft's 'one Windows' -- what it really means
Survey: Amazon Prime members will renew despite price hike
Apple responds to complaint over diagnostic 'back doors'
Motorola taps 'digital tattoo' for phone security

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27 minutes agoPhonesby

Samsung Galaxy Alpha images come to light

Long rumored as the Galaxy S5 Prime, the Samsung smartphone could debut within the coming weeks.

4 hours agoGamingby

Samsung invests $13M in Android microgaming console GamePop

Samsung continues to float an interest in the largely-uncharted waters of Android games as it invests in BlueStacks' GamePop.

6 hours agoPhonesby

iPhone 6 likely to launch in late September, says analyst

Based on Apple's predictions for the current quarter, analyst Gene Munster believes the new iPhone will roll out around the last week of September.

10 hours agoSci-Techby

Continental offers cheaper head-up displays for cars

With the company's simpler "combiner" HUD, more cars could overlay information like driving directions atop drivers' view of the road. But distractions must be kept to a minimum.


Ditch the spray: Apps to repel mosquitoes

Along with summer comes cookouts, swimming, and mosquitoes -- lots of them. Instead of slathering on repellent, turn to your smartphone to keep pesky critters at bay. In this Tech Minute, CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports on apps designed to repel mosquitoes.


Philips Blu-Ray Surround Base HTB3525B (photos)

Philips Blu-Ray Surround Base HTB3525B (photos)


Manything makes home security free for all (all iOS users, that is)

This free iOS app gives pricy security cameras a run for their money.

28 minutes agoAppleby

Three things we learned from Apple's Q3 earnings call

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks up China and a new partnership with IBM but downplays weak iPad sales.

1 hour agoComic-Con 2014by

Access over 15,000 Marvel digital comics for 99 cents

Clear your calendar. For the next month you can treat yourself to Marvel Unlimited's massive online comic library for just under a buck.

2 hours agoCraveby

Darth Vader samurai costume: The Force meets feudal Japan

Japanse warriors combine with "Star Wars" for Darth Vader and Stormtrooper costumes designed to look like samurai in space.

2 hours agoiPhone Updateby

Android users: What screen size should iPhone 6 buyers choose?

If the rumors are true, Apple will soon offer 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones. Android users have enjoyed those sizes for years. What are the pros and cons?

2 hours agoMobileby

Sprint gets into the Google Apps resale business

Sprint's move is part of a bigger push into the business area, even as its consumer business continues to suffer subscriber losses.

3 hours agoCraveby

Batman Day means free comics and more

The Dark Knight turns 75 this week, but shows no signs of slowing down. Celebrate with free capes, masks, and other geek goods.

3 hours agoCraveby

5 reasons my phablet is fabulous

Crave's Michael Franco has been living with an awfully big phone for just over four months. His conclusion? Size really does matter.

3 hours agoDigital Mediaby

YouTube music chief leaving for undisclosed startup

Chris LaRosa, the product manager in charge of Google's music platform on YouTube, is the second person to leave that post in the past year.

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