Apple iPhone 6 event officially set for Sept. 9

The invitation offers no product hints, only noting: "Wish we could say more." But the general consensus is that Apple will unveil its next smartphone.

With Gear S watch, Samsung tinkers -- and tempts fate

Samsung's latest smartwatch can make calls and work independently of a smartphone. But is it what consumers really want?

Samsung bets on 4K Amazon, Netflix streaming to make UHD TV more tempting

Tech giant wants to persuade you to fork out for 4K by offering movies and TV shows from Amazon and Netflix in eye-watering detail.

Samsung again appears to defend its phone design choices
​Google goes public with security audits to ease concerns
Samsung hypes up the Galaxy Note 4 with video teasers
Google Glass tech can see how you feel

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1 hour agoPhonesby

Apple iPhone 6 expected to include mobile payments, NFC

Wired reports a mobile-payments platform powered by a technology called near-field communications are coming to the next iPhone, backing up similar stories last month.

2 hours agoSci-Techby

Library of Congress cooks CDs in quest to save them

In an attempt to preserve its collection of more than 500,000 CDs, the Library of Congress is doing some torture testing.

2 hours agoPhonesby

T-Mobile will bring HTC's One M8 for Windows home for the holidays

The most gorgeous Windows Phone of all is coming to T-Mobile's off-contract lineup.

2 hours agoSoftwareby

Nadella plans China trip amid antitrust probe -- report

The Microsoft CEO's itinerary has not been disclosed, but the reason for his trip may be to delve a bit deeper into the antitrust investigation in China.

3 hours agoMobileby

Samsung supplier factory found to use child labor

China-based supplier HEG Electronics, which also works for Lenovo, has over 10 children under the age of 16 working at its facility, according to China Labor Watch.

15 hours agoSecurityby

JPMorgan bank could be hackers' latest victim

The FBI investigates a data breach into one of the world's largest banks that may have involved malware being deposited on an employee's personal computer.


Crazy CIA spy tech from the '50s, '60s, and '70s

Crazy spy gadgets aren't just limited to Batman and 007. The CIA houses in its museum all kinds of wacky knick-knacks and gizmos, some of which were just too silly for use.

18 minutes agoMobileby

Apple seeks patent for dock that gives iPhone super strength

The technology lets users plug an iPhone into a dock with the Lightning connector and not worry about how much force or torque they place on it to remove the device.

18 minutes agoTechnically Incorrectby

Exec eats off floor to sell vacuum cleaner

The Symphony All-In-One is, according to maker Bissell, so good at cleaning away germs that, well, its brand manager gets down and proves it. In the subway. There's a caveat though.

18 minutes agoCraveby

'Doctor Who' set to officially become a blockhead

BBC teams up with Microsoft to bring "Blocktor Who," a "Doctor Who"-themed Minecraft expansion to the Xbox 360 next month.

34 minutes agoAppleby

Apple iPhone 6 event officially set for Sept. 9

Invites from the Cupertino, Calif., electronics giant give almost no hints, saying "wish we could say more." But the general consensus is that Apple will unveil its next smartphone.

1 hour agoPhonesby

Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S4 first for free Wi-Fi calls abroad

Sprint customers traveling overseas get a boon with the carrier's added Wi-Fi calling feature, starting with the Galaxy S4.

2 hours agoCraveby

Hello Kitty is not a cat?

Thanks to an anthropologist's unusual discovery, we now know the iconic cartoon character is considered by Sanrio to be a girl, not a cat. Goodbye, Kitty. Hello...what exactly?

2 hours agoMobileby

Sony teaser hints at 3 Xperia devices for Sept. 3 event

A silhouette and a count of 1, 2, 3 suggest that Sony has more than one device up its sleeve for next week's IFA unveiling.

3 hours agoThe Cheapskateby

Get a zBoost Soho Max cell-phone signal booster for $199.99

Normally $100 more, this dual-band booster promises much better indoor signal strength for both CDMA and GSM phones.

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