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New Windows phones: They'll have to do for now

A pair of newly unveiled Lumia phones are Microsoft's flagship mobile devices, but they're not the marquee products Windows fans have been waiting for.

With 'Contest of Champions,' Marvel turns the digital into the physical

Worlds collide! Marvel's effort to craft comic books from video games hits store shelves on Wednesday.

Twitter's Moments spotlights events as they unfold

The feature will show users "what's happening in an instant," regardless of the accounts they follow. Moments may be the most important update in Twitter's history.

More top storiesOctober 7, 2015

Physicists win Nobel for finding neutrinos aren't so fleeting after all
For decades, it seemed the hard-to-detect particles were massless. Not so, Takaaki Kajita and Arthur McDonald discovered, opening new perspectives into the universe's past and present.
by Stephen Shankland
Staring down giants, Roku launches $129 top-end streaming box
Streaming-device maker Roku bets again that putting on blinders to anything but streaming video will make the difference when it faces off with fresh rival products from Apple, Amazon and Google.
by Joan E. Solsman

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