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For startups in Vietnam, independence has its challenges

Vietnam's startup scene includes some rare successes and offers stories of how the country fosters -- and hinders -- its homegrown tech community. This the second half of a two-part series.

Where can Windows Phone go from here?

With its biggest hardware gamble a failure and Windows 10 about to arrive, the software maker is pressed to prove what it can achieve in the phone business.

Most Android phones at risk from simple text hack, researcher says

Last year, more than 1 billion Android devices shipped around the globe. Security firm Zimperium says this vulnerability could affect 95 percent of them.

More top storiesJuly 28, 2015

One year later: Why Amazon's Fire Phone flamed out
The failure of the Fire Phone, which hit the market a year ago on Saturday, offers some lessons on what companies need to do -- and avoid -- when trying to create a successful smartphone.
by Ben Fox Rubin
CNET at 20: Celebrating two decades of tech
To celebrate our special birthday, CNET asked the visionaries building the world of technology to reflect on the digital revolution and what it means for our future.

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