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What is Uber doing to train its drivers on disability rights?

With looming lawsuits and the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, disabled people ask whether Uber can do more to ensure they're not refused rides from drivers.

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How self-driving cars will cut accidents 90 percent

Q&A: As head of the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute near Detroit, Peter Sweatman is in the heart of car country. CNET picks his brain about the future of robotic cars.

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Vietnam's refugees find second chance in Silicon Valley

CNET visits San Jose, California, to speak with Vietnamese Americans who traveled a long way to get to where they are today.

More top storiesAugust 4, 2015

Twitter faces lingering doubts about its future
The company's stock falls to an all-time low after last week's report of near-standstill user growth.
by Ian Sherr
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The problem with Amazon Dash buttons
Limits on choice mean new shopping gadget won't click for everyone. Bridget Carey explains how the buttons work, and the rule changes for sharing your Prime perks with others.
by Bridget Carey

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