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In this fake city, cars learn to talk to each other

CNET visits Mcity, a 32-acre fake city in Michigan designed to test self-driving cars' navigation and communication abilities -- and to keep research from migrating to Silicon Valley.

Windows 10 marks a turnaround moment

The software maker's flagship product could renew faith in the Windows world.

T-Mobile blows away profit expectations as customer growth surges

The carrier continues its torrid pace of subscriber growth amid stiff competition in the wireless business.

More top storiesJuly 30, 2015

Putting dollars to charity a la app, with a social twist
A new wave of apps lets you give to charities and challenge your friends with just a few swipes on your phone -- and it will cost you as little as nothing.
by Paula Vasan
Life's a breach: Reported attack on United Airlines shows everyone has valuable data to protect
No longer focused on stealing credit card numbers alone, hackers are flexing seriously dangerous muscle, security experts say.
by Laura Hautala

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