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Lost Explorers: The unrealized vision of Google Glass

When Google unveiled its smart and controversial eyewear three years ago, some early tech adopters tried to do their part by eagerly pushing for Glass acceptance. The world pushed back.

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht sentenced to life in prison

A judge in New York hands down a life sentence for the 31-year-old founder of the online illegal-drug marketplace.

Google wants to bring touchscreen controls to your clothing

Google's experimental hardware division talks smart textiles, and controlling them just by the touch of your hand.

More top storiesMay 30, 2015

Virtually there: How Google is readying VR for you
The search giant has a low-cost contraption made of cardboard that can turn any smartphone into a virtual reality headset. The goal: mass appeal.
by Ian Sherr
Google teams with Levi's on smart clothes
Control a smartwatch with your jeans? It's possible with Google's Project Jacquard, and Levi's is weaving the tech into its fabrics. And while Google gets into fashion, Amazon may be creating its own brand of food.
by Bridget Carey

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