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I streamed 'The Interview' and now I need some eggnog

It's the film that got North Korea's goat and turned Sony Pictures inside-out. Crave's Anthony Domanico streams it to see if it's worth the fuss.

Why Amazon will double down on the Fire Phone

The e-commerce company's first attempt at a smartphone bombed, but it's probably not giving up. If Amazon learns from its mistakes, the next phone will be cheaper and more widely available.

Apple's 2015: Building on an already huge 2014

Here are seven things we could see from Apple in the coming year, ranging from services to new, bigger iPads.

Samsung TVs to play PS games sans a PlayStation
Google Lunar XPrize: Astrobotic's rover rakes in $750,000
Apple updates Macs for first time without asking
ITC opens probe into Samsung's patent suit against Nvidia

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