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Windows 10 marks turnaround moment for Microsoft

The software maker's flagship product -- launching today -- could renew faith in the Windows world.

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Misfit CEO on Vietnam's modern-day success story

CNET sits down in Ho Chi Minh City with Sonny Vu to discuss Vietnam's tech scene and why Misfit Wearables is betting big on the country.

Extra sneaky Hammertoss malware acts just like you on your computer

Security company FireEye says a Russia-sponsored group uses malware that mimics normal computer use while stealing sensitive files.

More top storiesJuly 29, 2015

How your next 'flagship' smartphone may cost less than $300
Chinese vendor Alcatel OneTouch wants to redefine the term so it doesn't just refer to premium products like Apple's iPhone.
by Roger Cheng
Amazon proposes a slice of the sky for commercial drones
At a conference hosted by NASA, the e-commerce company calls for a high-traffic strip of the sky to support the wider use of robotic aircraft.
by Ben Fox Rubin

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