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Google's new goal: Make everything work together

The search giant has found a new purpose in all our lives: Bringing together the various products and services we use to work together as easily as possible.

Google's Android Pay to duke it out with Apple Pay

The Google Wallet app failed to take off, but Google is trying again with a new system.

HBO Now heads to Chromecast, Android devices

The $14.99 streaming service will soon be available to people other than Apple device owners.

More top storiesMay 28, 2015

How a 3D-printed titanium bike points the way to products custom-fit for you
Design firm Industry has developed a bike that demonstrates how the lines are blurring in design, engineering and manufacturing. This shift will ultimately allow companies to tailor products to individuals.
by Stephen Shankland
Lost Explorers: The unrealized vision of Google Glass
When Google unveiled its smart and controversial eyewear three years ago, some early tech adopters tried to do their part by eagerly pushing for Glass acceptance. The world pushed back.
by Richard Nieva

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