A Razer Phone 2 is officially on the way

It looks like the Razer Phone is worth a sequel.

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According to its latest financial report, gaming-lifestyle company Razer seems happy enough with the response to its debut gaming-oriented Razer Phone to promise investors there will be sequel.

Per its Interim Results 2018 report (PDF):

With the launch of the Razer Phone in late 2017, Razer has since been widely recognised as the industry forerunner with the foresight of recognising the unmet demand for and being the first-mover to launch a mobile device for gamers, spawning a whole new category for the industry. The Group is very pleased with the success of its first generation Razer Phone, which was released in a limited run and has garnered very positive reviews internationally. Razer is now focusing its resources into the development of the second generation Razer Phone and accompanying software releases which will extend its software and services from PC into the mobile market.

While the Razer Phone did redefine what we expect from a phone vis-a-vis gaming when it launched in December 2017, it wasn't a terrific general-purpose phone. And we've seen the competition ramping up fairly quickly, from the similarly gaming-first Asus ROG Phone and its taptic-response regions to turbo-charged-for-gaming processing (with an external heat-dissipation system) in Huawei's Honor line. Razer has its work cut out for it.

Services look like they've been a big revenue driver for the company -- it has the Razer zGold virtual credit system, Razer Pay e-wallet (thus far only in Southeast Asia) and the Razer Game Store beta launched in April 2018 -- so the planned expansion into mobile, especially in conjunction with a new phone, is a natural fit.

Razer declined to provide more details.

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