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A Phone Company Made a Beer and It's Actually Good

Phone manufacturer Nothing brewed a lager, so I got a couple of crates to try. Because journalism.

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Andrew Lanxon headshot
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Andrew Lanxon

The tagline for Nothing's beer is "technically refreshing."

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

Why has a phone company launched its own branded beer? Good question. Mobile phone maker Nothing, the company that makes the Android Nothing Phone 2 with its flashing lights, partnered with UK brewery Freetime to produce a rice lager. Staying true to the company's minimalist aesthetic, the beer is simply called "beer (5.1%)" and comes in pure white cans with Nothing's dot-matrix style font. 

So what's it taste like? It's good. Full flavored, malty and very drinkable. I'm glad I ordered several packs. My favorite thing about it? If someone asks me what I was drinking last night, I can honestly reply "Nothing." It's available only in the UK and in limited quantities, and whether it gets a wider release remains to be seen. 


Nothing beer is limited to the UK, but might become available to more countries.

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

The beer did make me wonder what drinks represent other tech firms. I think Apple could be a vodka that it insists on serving neat, but in time might allow customers to add a slice of lime -- a decision that will get a round of applause at the unveiling. Google, meanwhile, could be a punch bowl, taking ingredient input from all comers. Samsung could be a range of shots -- cheap fruity ones for weekend clubbers and fancier spirits for wealthier adults.

Tie-in drinks aren't new in the tech space. I sort of remember when I taste-tested every single promotional beverage made for the then-upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077

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