A bit more on Samsung's Social Hub

Samsung offers a bit more information on its forthcoming Social Hub feature, and we have a few screenshots.

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Samsung deserved the attention it received last week at CTIA for introducing its Galaxy S. The Android smartphone is pretty and powerful, but we still don't know a lot about Social Hub, one of its central features.

Social Hub is Samsung's answer to Motorola's  MotoBlur and Sony Ericsson's Timescape (see our Xperia X10 review for more on Timescape). Social Hub promises to integrate your e-mail, text messages, calendars, and social networking feeds into a steady stream of communication. You'll also get combined work and personal calendars and a unified e-mail in-box.

Social Hub sounds intriguing, and we're eager to try it; however, Sammy didn't have the service on any of the Galaxy S handsets that we handled at the show. Supposedly, it's not quite ready for a test run. In the meantime, the company provided us with a few screenshots of how Social Hub will look. One feature that we can't show is "write and go." That will allow you to write messages and then choose the method for sending (text, e-mail, and so on). It's a good idea, we think.

Samsung Social Hub (screenshots)

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